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American Idol in Hollywood

Last night was harsh but tonight will be worse. Over the course of 4 days of auditions in Hollywood, Simon, Paula, and Randy sent home over 100 of the 164 contestants who made it to Hollywood. Only 50 remained at the end of last night. Ryan called the cuts last night the most vicious. I think tonight’s are much harder. At this point in the competition all of these contestants know they can sing. They have made it through audition after audition so they have demonstrated talent. To be this close and then be told to pack your bags has got to be tough. Tonight, the contestants will have to face the judges in a room alone to learn their fate. By the end of the show we will have the top 12 men and the top 12 women who will compete to be Season 7’s American Idol.

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Written by: Walt
Posted on: Wednesday, February 13, 2008

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