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While the fate of Lost Season 4 had long since hung in the balance over the resolution of the WGA Strike it appears the damage has already been done, strike resolution or not. Lost’s co-writer, Carlton Cuse, told The Hollywood Reporter their plans for the ill-fated season 4 have been shifted. Pre-strike status gave Lost 8 episodes fully written which were all filmed and canned in anticipation of the recent season premiere. Now, not even three weeks into the new season we learn there won’t be time to get the full 16 episodes completed.

You may remember earlier discussions on Lost where the writers revealed they had finalized plans to complete the series in a six season arc. The last three seasons would each present 16 episodes, a deviation from the industry standard of 23. So right there we were already coming up short. Now with the deep impacts of the WGA’s strike this season will be cut even further.

A logical guess would then be that the missing episodes would be made up in season 5, right? Wrong. Instead the writers are planning to condense what would have been eight episodes into five or four for just thirteen or twelve episodes for the full season. Grrr. Just about makes me want to take up sides with The Others. What about you?

Update: I just read that come late April ABC will shift Lost from its current Thursdays @ 9PM to Thursdays @ 10PM. Gee, ABC, why not just put it on Sundays @ 3AM? Grey’s Anatomy will take over Lost’s 9PM slot that day instead. So much for watching this one live and putting up with the commercials, back to DVR watching for me.

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Written by: Matt
Posted on: Wednesday, February 13, 2008

4 Responses to “Lost Season 4 Shortened To 13 Or Fewer Episodes”

  1. karen

    Darnit!!! Do they just want us to stop watching altogether? They did this last season and I got fed up. I will just watch on line the next day.

  2. Matt

    No kidding. It feels like ABC is just punching this show around. It might not be what it used to in the ratings, but come on, Lost is still a big show. Show it some respect, ABC.

  3. Uriel Arena

    I miss this show, now.

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