Could You Survive on the Moon?
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The Weekly Geek quizzes have become quite popular over the past month or so. I thought I would throw another one up just to help you waste away your Friday until it’s time to head home. This one is for the real science geeks (or Science Fiction geeks). After crashing on the moon, which items would you take with you to survive? I have a 66% chance of survival. Not bad. Although the likely hood of me crashing on the moon any time soon is pretty slim. Test yourself, test your friends, and then let us know how you did.


Written by: Walt
Posted on: Friday, February 22, 2008

4 Responses to “Could You Survive on the Moon?”

  1. olivia

    y would we go there thier is no air or water or food i mean come on how could we do it we would either freeze or burn to death thier is no gravity so we would float away if we had nothing to hold us down amd how would we get the money to do it even

  2. Walt

    Actually there is gravity, if assume assume government funding, then you’d have the cash, y wouldn’t you want to go to the moon. its cool. I’m guessing your survival chance was 0 wasn’t it?

  3. Angie

    i think u could survive on the moon. you could build a omb over the houses and put air in the domb!!!h

  4. bob

    and then the cow jumped over the moon.

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