Big Brother 9: Week 4 Power of Veto Preview - March 4, 2008
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Sunday’s nominations are in and Joshuah & Sharon have nominated Matt & Natalie and Ryan & Allison. Both of these couples have seen the chopping block and survived, but can they do it again? Julie Chen will walk us through the Power of Veto competition and ceremony, the latter of which seems completely pointless this season. I’m hoping we’ll get more details on Wednesday’s big twist reveal which is going to have to explain how this fast moving season can be stretched out to the full duration.

As far as the PoV I’m thinking that Allison & Ryan better be praying for a miracle to get out of this week alive. If they get the PoV then it’s a no brainer that they’ll be safe. If they miss the mark I don’t see there being any way around their inevitable eviction on Wednesday. Allison really blew it here for Ryan after he pulled their pair back from the brink of destruction after his girlfriend fiasco. I’ll be sorry to see Allison go as I thought she had potential, but clearly she didn’t hold on to those smarts long enough. Now whether it’s A&R or N&M that get the PoV I think it’ll be a sure bet that Adam & Sheila get nominated in their place though. I’d rather put up James & Chelsia as I think they’re a tougher pair to beat later.

If you can’t wait to find out what happens tonight with the Power of Veto competition and ceremony then you can jump over here for those spoilers. Check back tonight after the episode for our recap or follow the live recapping at the Big Brother 9 Forum.

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Written by: Matt
Posted on: Tuesday, March 4, 2008

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