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Danny Noriega left American Idol this week. Here is lovely video of Danny wearing makeup and bashing Christmas. I’m sure his parents must be so proud. After seeing this video I’m glad that arrogant little EMO kid got sent home.

Here is a link to Danny’s video. I didn’t embed the video because it’s Not Safe For Work.

This demonstrates one of the problems with today’s media intensive environment. While I really dislike this kid after seeing the video, I also realize no one is perfect. That’s no excuse, but it helps me try to be understanding. It is very difficult for anyone to stand up under the microscope the media turns on people after they get even the slightest hint of notoriety. This includes not only average people like the ones who try out for American Idol, but celebrities and political candidates as well. I’m sure everyone reading this post has done at least one thing in their life that they are not proud and would not want the entire country to know about. Just think about that next time you’re clambering for someone’s resignation after something they did in the past or in their personal life became public. Could your life stand up to the same scrutiny? Glass houses my friend, glass houses.

Other controversies this season:

Amanda Overmyer - Arrested for drunk driving in 2006 (Rock on!); Rumors of nude pictures of her soon to be on the internet.

Carly Smithson - Previous record deal which is a no-no for idol contestants.

David Hernandez - Allegation of being a male stripper at a gay club in Phoenix AZ. This is the only thing which kept the Danny Noriega video from being made a bigger deal of.

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Written by: Walt
Posted on: Friday, March 7, 2008

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