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The Bachelor Season 11

Meet America’s twelfth Bachelor, Matt Grant. Hailing from London, England, he is a 27-year-old “Global Financier and Business Development Manager” which I am guessing means “rich.” According to my sources, he received his B.A. in modern history and politics from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, where he also was the captain of the rowing team (hooray for hot Englishmen!). His birthplace is Bishops Stortford, a small town in Hertfordshire, England.

ABC describes Matt as “totally charming and [a] witty English gentleman [who] works with millionaire businessmen, but he has something on his mind that is more urgent than any business deal — he wants to find the love of his life and to start a family as soon as possible.” He comes from a family full of boys, with four married brothers, and recent health issues with his father have really encouraged Matt to find love ASAP so that his wife and kids have the opportunity to meet their paternal grandfather (now, if I were not happily married, or if I were AT ALL ready for kids, I would jump at this opportunity, but I digress).

As for the 25 women vying for his affections…well, what can we really know from a name, location, career, and picture? Fortunately (or not?), I took it upon myself, as a loyal Bachelor fan, to use what little they have told us to make some early predictions. When I normally check out the bios pre-season, I form biases based on occupation. I will share these with you now: Lesley, age 23, is a youth minister from Florida. I always enjoy the teacher/nurse/helping people types as they generally have a pretty good head on their shoulders (that, and I, myself, am a teacher). Thus, she has made my “list.” Another woman I find interesting is Holly, 25, who is originally from Ohio and now resides in California. She is a children’s book author and as an elementary teacher, I find this quite endearing. Last on my list of bachelorettes to root for prior to the “big day” is Amy, a 22-year-old nanny from California. As previously stated, anything having to do with kids is a plus. I love kids, Matt’s looking for a wife and mother, so perhaps a nanny will fit the bill.

As far as entertainment value goes, there are always one or two women whose sole purpose on the show (whether they know it or not) is to provide conflict. I’ve heard it through the grapevine that Robin, an advertising coordinator from Michigan, might fit this mold. Also, keep an eye on Shayne, an actress from California. Not to be prejudiced against actor-types, but, well, ok fine I am prejudiced. The fact that both women are 22 years old does nothing to build their case for me. I turn 24 in one month and I am well aware of the role age plays in maturity. There are women that run the gamut from age 22 to 33, so if Matt is truly looking for a wife and mother, it will take a lot for the young ones to prove that they are ready for the commitment. I will happily admit that I am wrong if he does fall in love with someone fresh out of college (go, nanny, go!), but in the last 11 seasons, this has not really been the case.

Now for the best news: according to interviews with Matt, he does, actually find love on this show. We all know the possible (and probable) outcome of a match made on The Bachelor, but I still must be the eternal optimist and root for these two. In less than a week, we will meet the 25 lucky women who will vie for this guy’s heart and watch as he narrows it down. Stay tuned weekly for recaps, predictions, and updates on Matt Grant’s journey to find love (on national television).

Please welcome Gretchen to Wild Bluff Media! She’ll be our correspondent for The Bachelor all season.

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Written by: Gretchen
Posted on: Monday, March 17, 2008

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