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Heath Ledger

Well that didn’t take long. Last week when Heath Ledger’s will was revealed and we found that out his daughter Matilda had been left out I was happy to hear his parents step forward and assure that she would be well taken care of. I thought how nice it was to have a celebrity family where the parents weren’t chewing up their children to make a fortune for themselves. This week it’s Ledger’s extended family that is starting to fight over the plan to give Heath’s father the control of the estate. People reports:

Heath Ledger’s uncles are speaking out against his father Kim’s handling of the actor’s assets, saying Kim has a bad track record of estate management.

Ledger’s father so mishandled the management of their grandfather’s estate 15 years ago in Australia that Kim was removed as executor, the uncles claim.

“It plunged into enormous debt,” Mike Ledger, one of Kim’s brothers, tells PEOPLE.

Apparently this would be the first time Kim Ledger (I’m glad they didn’t name Heath “Sue” instead.) inherited a large fortune. Back in the 80’s Kim took control of a $2 million dollar estate and allegedly sank it straight into debt.

Ledger’s uncle says he doesn’t want the estate to be controlled by anyone in the family. He echoes the sentiments that Matilda would be cared for and feels the best way to do that is with an independent party taking things over. Um, that actually makes sense considering the track record here. What do you think?

Written by: Matt
Posted on: Wednesday, March 19, 2008

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