Scrubs Continues To Film Despite NBC Ending Series
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Well this is a strange one. NBC’s comedy series “Scrubs” which stars Garden State’s Zach Braff returned to the studio on Monday to continue filming the series. That sounds very reasonable until you consider that NBC canceled the series and has no need for the work that’s being done right now.

No problem, says competitor ABC which now plans to pick up the cut show. No word on how many episodes or even additional seasons have been requested by ABC, but The Hollywood Reporter says the writers have been hard at work since the WGA strike was resolved last month.

Sources said the cast is coming back to finish shooting an episode for NBC that was disrupted by the WGA strike. They also are expected to film a few more episodes despite the fact that NBC opted not to pick up more segments from what was supposed to be “Scrubs’ ” final season.

Sources indicated that ABC Studios had planned to produce a couple of extra episodes of “Scrubs,” even without an order from NBC, to possibly be included on the series’ seventh-season DVD set.

Now, the new episodes are intended for ABC, as a pickup by the network is said to be likely. While the sticking points with NBC for the most part had been resolved, the dealmaking keeps stretching out, focusing primarily on securing the cast, most of whom didn’t have pacts beyond this season. Sources said actor contracts are now complete for nearly every cast member, including star Zach Braff.

While all of this sounds cool for fans of Scrubs the question it raises for me is, where the heck was ABC when we needed Arrested Development to be saved??

Written by: Matt
Posted on: Monday, March 24, 2008

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