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Tonight on American Idol was the night when things start to become difficult. All of the top 10 are really talented. There were a number of less than stellar performances last night. I posted my predictions earlier today so lets see how I did:

Ryan did things a little different tonight. Instead of calling out the contestants a few at a time the contestants had to come out to the stage one at a time. Ryan would either allow them to sit down on the couch if they were safe or send them to the stools if they were in the bottom three. Ryan summoned the first the first contestant by saying, “Chikezie to the stage.”

As soon as he walked out Chikezie pointed to the stools. Ryan told him he was right. Chikezie was in the bottom three. Next it was Brooke’s turn. No worries for her, she was sent to the sofa. The same was true for the third contestant as well. Carly Smithson was also allowed to sit down after explaining that despite reports she was not pregnant. Apparently she was just wearing Spanx last night.

Following a very cool car commercial featuring the top 10 animated on T-shirts, David Archuleta was called to the stage and sent directly to the sofa with barely comment from Ryan. David Cook was likewise sent to the sofas. That was no surprise. His version of Billie Jean was awesome. I will definitely be downloading that one this week. Syesha Mercado was not so lucky. Despite huge praise from both Randy and Paula last night, Syesha became the second member of this week’s bottom three club.

Once Ryan finished the cheesy audience question segment they another live performance by a previous American Idol contestant. Kimberly Locke who finished third in Season 2, sang her new single from her second album. I haven’t heard anything about her since she left the show. In fact, until they told us who she was, I didn’t even remember her at all. No doubt the American Idol people will be getting a piece of the proceeds and so, the American Idol promotional juggernaut continues to roll on.

I was very surprised when Ramiele Malubay was called out next. I thought for sure she would be in the bottom three, but there was no way that with two more contestants left that she would be sent to the stools. She went to the sofa. I was shocked. Ryan then called out Jason Castro and Kristy Lee Cook. For the first time in weeks, Kristy Lee Cook was safe. Her performance last night was really good for her so, I was glad she got a week off from being on the chopping block.

I was also glad that Jason Castro was in the bottom three. As I said this morning, I thought this would be the best thing for him. He has kind of done the same thing for the past few weeks so hopefully this will shock him into mixing it up a little more. I’d like to see him come out and really compete next week.

This Week’s Bottom Three:

  • Chikezie Eze
  • Syesha Mercado
  • Jason Castro

Jason didn’t get much off a scare though. Ryan sent him to the sofa before even the commercial. I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I was when Ryan told Syesha that she was safe. She had a great night last night and Chikezie didn’t so even though overall this season I thought that Chikezie was the better performer based solely on last night, Chikezie should have been the one to go home.

Say goodbye to Chikezie Eze America.

Come back next week when we’ll take a look at the performances of the American Idol Top 9.

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Written by: Walt
Posted on: Wednesday, March 26, 2008

7 Responses to “American Idol: Top 10 Results Recap - March 26, 2008”

  1. Erin

    I thought Ramiele was gone too. Boo. David Cook is GOLD. I would love to know the exact i-Tunes download numbers!

  2. Maynard

    why were you shocked that Ramiele didnt land n the bottom three when you said that last night was your favorite performance of hers?

  3. Walt

    Good question Maynard. I thought it was her best performance of the season so far. But I still think it wasn’t as good as at least 7 of the other performances last night. Ramiele has a great voice but she just isn’t cut out as a performer for pop music.

  4. val

    Booing Ramiele???….i thought she did well enough to be in the safe zone…she has so far haave the best vocals among the girls left in the competition…..

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