DWTS Season 6: Karina Smirnoff Really Likes Guys Named Mario
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Uh oh, tongues are wagging about Karina Smirnoff, “Dancing with the Stars” pro. She’s living with actor Mario Lopez, her season 4 partner on the show, but apparently Karina is really getting into her NEW DWTS partner- Grammy nominated singer Mario. Mario doesn’t use a last name. Page Six is reporting that the two were recently seen swapping spit at the Four Seasons Hotel in LA.

I TOLD YOU something was up with these two in my DWTS Season 6 Premiere “Gentlemen First” article! Mario Nolastname himself said on that episode there was “an instant connection” when they met. It was pretty obvious he had the hots for her. Karina is denying all. Mario Lopez isn’t returning media calls, and is probably holed up with Matthew Lawrence plotting a terrorist attack on the show.

Matthew used to be DWTS pro Cheryl Burke’s fiance. That was before he and Cheryl’s DWTS 2006 season and tour partner Drew Lachey had a big smackdown a few months ago. The problem? Matthew caught Cheryl and Drew knocking boots (or dancing shoes) during the DWTS tour this year. Cheryl DENIES all, natch, but those close to the show say neither party tried to hide their hookup very well.

Drew Lachey is married with two children, and his wife Lea was pregnant during the tour. Nice job Drew. At least the Marios are single. Cheryl and Karina are very NAUGHTY GIRLS! To Mario Lopez: Karma’s a bitch. (He cheated on his ex-wife Ali Landry right before their wedding and then 72 hours AFTER!) To Lea Lachey: Superglue. While he’s asleep. Glue it to his leg. I promise the next morning will be one he’ll NEVER forget.

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Written by: Erin
Posted on: Friday, March 28, 2008

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    Thanks so much! You’re so right-the reputation is TRUTH! I would sure think hard before letting my spouse or fiance compete! Wildbluffmedia.com readers are the best!

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