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David Cook

Last night after the American Idol Top 9 Performance show contestant David Cook was rushed to the hospital. The singer was experiencing heart palpitations and high blood pressure but waited until after the show to be treated. He’s since been released, so you can relax and safely expect him to be there tonight for the American Idol results show.

TMZ reports the finer details:

After the show, Cook was driven to the hospital (not by ambulance) and treated by a private doctor to keep everything on the down low. The doctor gave Cook medication to bring his blood pressure down and he will monitored again Tuesday.

An “A.I.” exec tells us Cook has been completely stressed out because his brother, who has been sick with cancer, had a setback within the last week. Earlier in the season, just before a performance, David collapsed and said he could not go on — though he pulled it together at the last minute.

I hadn’t heard anything about this earlier collapse. Sad news about his brother too. Thankfully he’ll have a full week to recover before his next real performance. We’ll update you with any new information during the day here at Wild Bluff Media.

Thanks to WBM’s newest writer, Erin, for keeping her ear on the Idol pulse for this news!

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Written by: Matt
Posted on: Wednesday, April 2, 2008

8 Responses to “American Idol’s David Cook Rushed To Hospital”

  1. Patty Thomas

    I hope your brother starts feeling better,If not hold your head high an keep going on,I have a feeling that you are going to be there till the end,,,God Bless you an you family

  2. maggie

    hey david you rock your awsome can’t wait to see you win love you!!!!

  3. Tim

    David I just wanted to let you know that our thoughts and prayer’s are with you. A little over five years ago my father was strickin with colon cancer, And unfortunately we lost him after seven months. I said that to say hold your head high and be proud. And spend ever second you can with your brother or just call and say I love you. That will be worth it all, I called my Dad four and five times a day but thought that he was tired of me calling so much, But found out after he passed that he had told one of his friends that it helped keep him going. We had a long distance relationship, He was in Indiana and i live in Arkansas. Well take care and keep your chin up.

    Tim Walters

  4. Jennifer

    Dear David,

    You are a man of true strength and courage because you are a genuine and humble person. You amaze me not only because you have a raw musical talant, but because you have the courage to be yourself, to be humble, caring and genuine. It takes a true man to take off his mask and to just be real and true. Your confidence and character sets a great example for other men to follow. I have been a teacher for 6 years and I think the boys in my grade 5 class could learn a lot from you. You are a real gentleman and this quality makes you stand out above all the rest. Your voice and musical talent has left me breathless and I believed from the start you had the stage presence, confidence and the voice of a star.
    I think your songs will make a difference in our world because you have had to go through worrying about your brother and his illness.
    It is your courage to keep going that comes through when you sing and I your voice is comforting because people can connect with you. Behind all success, please remember it is your family and the people you love that really matters. Your brother believed in you because he knew how your talent could touch the world. His dream for you came true and on your winning night, I do believe your brother was sparkling with joy and excitment for you. What a memory to share forever. Have faith and always know that God is in control and he has a master plan for you. I may be only 30, but I know what it is like to have an illness that lingers and I know that God is greater. Through adversity and pain, you become stretched and molded into a better and more compassionate person and you can comfort others because you know what they are going through. Through the suffering you are molded from bronze to gold and David Cook you are truly golden. I have enjoyed watching you this season and I know the best man won!! I am praying for your brother’s health and for you David that you may have peace that covers you and gives you wings of strength to continue to fly. I am proud you and you have inspired me more than you will ever know. THANK YOU FOR JUST BEING YOU. I can hardly wait for your cd to get out!! Be Proud!


  5. shane

    David, i love you!

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