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Tonight’s Big Brother 9 starts out with the usual flashbacks and intro with Julie Chen. Day 56 in the BB9 house.

Sharon says she feels very confident that she’s safe this week. Guess who else feels pretty confident… Joshuah! Oh boy. Natalie says she’s hoping there won’t be a tie so she doesn’t have to do the evicting herself. She’s panicking about it and talking to the other HGs on it.

Oh no. Joshuah is showing off a doo-rag on his head. Ugh. Here goes Joshuah’s big plan for the week. He wants to draw sympathy and possibly a penalty nom by eating some food (he’s on slop this week). Adam comes in and J starts crying and crying. It’s pretty funny because we know it’s fake. Adam is really nice about and will probably be surprised later to find out that J was faking it.

Joshuah starts talking game with Adam about how the house is going to vote. J thinks he’s got Adam on his side with voting so there won’t be the chance of a tie and Natalie having to decide what to do. Smart move. You can’t rely on anyone but yourself.

Natalie spills the beans about Joshuah’s plan to Sharon. She’s upset, a little. Sharon tells Natalie that if they keep her the ladies can team up and win together. It sounds good in theory, but I don’t believe they’ve got it in them to beat the guys. Sheila gets in on the deal and they agree to evict Joshuah. Sheila can’t believe J would campaign against Sharon because “she’s been crying all day”. Ohhh, I’m sorry. Here Sharon, here’s $500,000 for your tears. Whatever. Sheila has way too many “I exist therefore I deserve” issues. Ya know, for a 45 year old woman. I don’t know if you knew that about Sheila, but she’s 45. 45. Sheila. 45.

Nat pulls in Ryan and talks about the situation. Sharon worries Ryan. But I think he’s saying that because of his deal w/ Joshuah. His secret deal that is. Natalie tells Sharon that Ryan is unsure. Sharon corners him and promises him she’ll have his back. He agrees to the deal. Natalie has the same conversation with Adam. Ryan walks in and tells them, like it was his idea, that they should keep Sharon. Well done ladies! They really worked Ryan and Adam over without them catching on at all.

James and Joshuah sit out back and gloat over their “victory”. Hah. They have no idea what’s really going on. Oh joy, we get to meet Joshuah’s mother tonight. She must be so proud!

We jump to the living room to talk with the HGs. James tells Julie he took the high road with James. Um, really? The screaming in her face was his high road? I wouldn’t want to meet him on his low road. Chenbot asks Joshuah a question and he points out she hasn’t talked to him the entire season. Wow. That’s hilarious that he pointed that out. I guess she needed to talk once before he got voted out!

Chenbot asks Joshuah about going up against his friend Sharon. Haha. Sharon knows he campaigned against him, but Joshuah doesn’t know she knows that. He tries to pretend like he’s a princess with his behavior and tells Julie he couldn’t campaign against her. Heh.

Meeting Joshuah’s mom and her new man (not sure on his relationship as he isn’t intro’d as his dad) was interesting. They are in a little bit of denial saying that he was better than the nasty rants and things he said. His mom seems pretty nice and doesn’t protect him too much. She admits his behavior was embarrassing and that it can be hard to watch him on the show. She also tells us he had girlfriends all through grade school, so it was a surprise that he was gay, but they still love him.

HoH Private Chat with Julie:
Julie talks to Natalie in the HoH room. Natalie is chipper like she’s really, really high on something. Nat says she misses Matty a lot but thinks about all their good times. Nat also says that she’s okay with Chelsia and Matt being in the sequester house since he’s not her boyfriend. Wow, that’s the first time I’ve heard her admit that. Oh boy. Natalie just told Chenbot that God talked to her when she was a child. His important message was that she’s the glue that keeps her family together. Um…

Live Eviction:
Sharon keeps it short. Joshuah talks like he’s reading from a Dr. Seuss book w/ making sounds about a roller coaster ride. Cuckoo!

Sheila votes to evict: Joshuah
Ryan votes to evict: Joshuah
Adam votes to evict: Joshuah (he whispers this, oddly)
James votes to evict: Sharon

Joshuah has been evicted by a vote of 3-1.

Oh boy, this is gonna be classic to watch when Julie reveals it!! Let’s see how it goes… Joshuah doesn’t act too surprised. He stands up and asks everyone to be true to themselves. Geez. Really? Joshuah says he’s proud of who he is and what he’s done. He puts up “the hand” to Natalie when she tries to hug him and tells them “only Sharon”. Sharon is in tears and all puffy faced over it.

On Julie’s couch Joshuah says the house was smart to get him out because he was the strongest. That he would have picked them off week by week. Um, really? You hadn’t won anything in 2 years in that house, but now you were going to turn it on? Hmm, I think you misjudged your timing by about a 1 week or 2. JC asks him about his nasty streak. Joshuah says he did it to stand up for other houseguests. This guy is so full of it he’s got poo falling out of his ears. I guess Allison was attacking his friends for him to be so terrible to her. No way. Not buying it.

I’m glad to see this jerk get out of the house. Joshuah also says he’s ready to get to the jury house so he can tan up and be the Malibu Ken that everyone says he is. Who is everyone? Is this like when he told Evel Dick that people told him he was the Gay Evel Dick and Dick reminded him that Joshuah was the only one that was saying that? I think it must be. At least J’s ego can keep him company.

HoH Competition: “More or Less”

Question 1: All but Sheila got a point
Question 2: Sharon and James got a point
Question 3: Sharon, Sheila, and Adam got a point

Sharon leads now.

Question 4: No one got a point
Question 5: Everyone gets a point
Question 6: Everyone but Sharon gets a point.

Three way tie between Sharon, James, & Adam.

Question 7: Tie breaker goes to… Adam!

Adam is the new HoH!

Back in the house Adam is pretty funny by playing down his win. He says he’s just excited to get to talk to Julie again.

On Thursday we’ll find out from the feeds who gets nominated (James). I’m not sure who it will be (James). But we’ll find out tomorrow (James) and I’ll post it on

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Posted on: Wednesday, April 2, 2008

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