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The Office

Good news and bad news this morning, my loyal readers. Long ago rumors had it that The Office wouldn’t survive the weight of its own success and would split into a spin-off. Worse, the rumor held Dwight Schrute, persistent power monger, would be the one to lead the spin-off. Well sadly those rumors have materialized this morning as NBC has announced that starting in 2009 The Office will open a new branch and is likely to be staffed with currently friendly faces.

E! Online reports some details:

* It will premiere immediately following the Super Bowl in January ‘09.
* Greg Daniels is “behind” the idea, even though he and his writing team will clearly be kind of busy doing the 28 half-hours of the original series that NBC has requested for the ‘08-’09 season.
* Per Ben Silverman, it is “very likely” you will see some Dunder-Mifflin-ites cross over to the new series.

Terrible, terrible, terrible idea. NBC, I hate you. The show is great because of the character dynamics. You toyed with it by sending Jim away. You toyed with it by bringing him back with extra baggage. Yes, Andy is a great addition, but the rest flopped. So why? Why would you do it again but on a massive level like breaking characters away permanently? Hey NBC, take a look at Grey’s Anatomy and what happened with their spin-off. What’s it called? Oh, that’s right, No One Cares Practice. How many cast members from Wings are available to help staff this new branch?? Grrr…

Update: Ben Silverman, co-chair of NBC Entertainment added this statement on the news of The Office spin-off:

“It will be from the same show runner as the Office mothership…We want to make sure it is what we want it to be and in no way damages the mothership. We will only bring it to market if it’s up to the quality we want.”

Oh really? You don’t want to damage your current great show? Then stop right now.

Okay, deep breath. I promised good news and here it is. 30 Rock has been renewed for a full 22 episode third season. Damn right. 30 Rock has fully replaced The Office as my favorite comedy on TV and these two moves will only reinforce that.

Get ready for both series as The Office returns tonight, April 3rd, April 10th and 30 Rock returns in one week, April 10th. I’m glad to see the Sheinhardt Wig Company can at least make some good decisions.

Written by: Matt
Posted on: Thursday, April 3, 2008

4 Responses to “The Office To “Branch” Off While 30 Rock Gets Renewed”

  1. Tammy

    I have to agree with you. I do not want a spinoff of the Office. I think that should be left for when they are deciding to quit. I realize that the Office is a goldmine right now to NBC but they may risk that with this decision. Every person on this show makes the show what it is. I personally don’t think that I would want to watch a show that has just one or two of them on it (some of the side characters). They add to this group but by themselves I think that they would sink. As far as any of the major characters having their own spinoff I think that would destroy “The Office”. Even when “Jim” was in Stanford I didn’t like it as well and he was still on the show. I think it would be a tragedy.

  2. Matt

    It reminds me of the golden goose parable. NBC wants to cut open that goldmine you mentioned and harvest it. Instead I think they’re just going to get a dead show.

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