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Tonight on American Idol the top 9 sang songs which have inspired them. They will have to wait an extra day to find out who is going home. Tomorrow night is the American Idol special Idol Gives Back which airs at 7:30PM. The results show will be on Thursday this week at the usual time 8/7c. Here is what the Idol judges thought of tonight’s inspired performances:

Michael Johns: Dream On
Michael picked an awesome song. It tough to sing as good as Steven Tyler though. Michael didn’t quite measure up, especially when he tried the falsetto at the end.
Randy: “It had some pitch problems. It was alright for me.”
Paula: “I couldn’t disagree more. I think it was the perfect song for you to pick. You sound as good as you look.”
Simon: “I thought it was a good performance. I don’t like it when you do an impersonation of a rock star. I thought it was little bit wanna-be-ish.”

Syesha Mercado: I Believe
As soon as I heard the song that Syesha picked I thought, “she did it again”. Syesha is trying to sing a big song. Syesha wants to sing like Whitney but, I really don’t think she has the voice for it. She would do herself a big favor by choosing songs that are better suited to her voice.
Randy: “You took on another tiger this week. Fantasia… has that special connection I didn’t find with you.”
Paula: “You flipped it a little and made it your own. I think this was one of your shining nights.”
Simon: “Technically, I thought you sang it well. What it lacked for me was that big wave of emotion.”

Jason Castro: Some Where Over the Rainbow
That was such a Jason Castro song, all hippy smiles, and flowers, and rainbows. I liked the fact that he played the Ukelele. Then it dawned on me, Oh my God, Jason has become Tinny Tim! It was cute but not American Idol material. Even my wife thought it was corny. The judges were obviously listening to something completely different than I was.
Randy: “Dude, Jason Castro was back in the hunt. That was blazing molten hot!”
Paula: “Its the perfect song. I loved that version. it was the perfect song.”
Simon: “Fantastic.”

Kristy Lee Cook: Anyway
I really liked that performance. When Kristy Lee sticks to her genre (Country) she sounds fantastic. This was my favorite performance by Kristy Lee. That was awesome.
Randy: “I loved it. That was really good for you.”
Paula: “You out did yourself tonight. This was your best by far. Excellent.”
Simon: “With a choice this broad you have a chance to show who you are as an artist. You were very good indeed. You look like a star tonight.”

David Cook: Innocent
David Cook is on of my favorites but this was not my favorite vocals of his. I thought the beginning was pretty rough. I especially didn’t like the white Adam Ant jacket.
Randy: “I’m not sure this was one of your strongest nights.”
Paula: “You are so well defined as being the whole package.”
Simon: “I didn’t like this performance that much at all. I thought it was teensy-weensy bit pompous. This for me was the weakest performance for you in past few weeks.”

Carly Smithson: The Show Must Go On
I liked Carly’s arrangement of this song. It may not be her strongest performance but I did like it. Her voice sounded good. It seemed a little off though.
Randy: “Little pitchy when you hit the high notes. It was just OK for me.”
Paula: “Your voice as always was pretty perfect. I didn’t feel engaged with you.”
Simon: “I thought it was an unusual choice of song. You over sang it. I think you choose the wrong song.”

David Archeluta: Angels
As expected David picked a very uplifting inspirational song. Whether he wins or not, he is going to have a huge career in Christian rock. I liked the fact that he showed a little more of his versatility by playing the piano. I really don’t care for David Archuleta but, even I had to admit the vocals were really good.
Randy: “That was your hottest moment the whole season.”
Paula: “That sums it up for me fantastic”
Simon: “Best song choice of the night. I won’t say it was your best performance, I thought it was a bit nasally. ”

Brooke White: You’ve Got A Friend
Brooke sounded amazing tonight. I liked it. I thought she made a good song choice but, a poor dress choice.
Randy: “I liked that. For me, I don’t think it was your best performance.”
Paula: “That was the definitive Brooke”
Simon: “It was like pleasant walk in the park.”

WBM’s Most Downloadable AI Performance of the Night: Anyway by Kristy Lee Cook

Runner Up: Angels by David Archuleta

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Written by: Walt
Posted on: Tuesday, April 8, 2008

6 Responses to “American Idol: Top 8 Performance Recap - April 8, 2008”

  1. Erin

    So true- Brooke picked a Goldie Hawn Laugh-In dress! So NOT Tapestry by Carol King. My best friend’s oldest sister wore that album OUT. Carly needs to stop frowning so much. She will regret it in a few years, I promise. KLC brought it tonight. Best of hers yet. Jason is a precious Aggie ukelele beach angel.

  2. Pete

    Thank God I found someone who agreed with me on Jason. I just didn’t get him either. His voice is very very nasal. and he is the same week after week, very predictable, which bored me to death. Very corny to me indeed. No idea what the judges were hearing.

  3. Shereeda

    the best competitor for me is David Cook… he looked amazin last night and i think his worst performance is better than a lot of ppl’s good performance… since this is his ONLY week to have been not up to his brilliant standard i hope he’s goin through

  4. Erin

    Love David Cook too, he’s been my favorite for a long time. Not his best, but I think David has an avant garde side he wants to let out, and I think it would be fabulous. Simon wouldn’t agree.

  5. Matt

    What’s this nonsense about a results episode on Thursday? I thought this week would be a reprieve for Kristy Lee. Sounds like she might not have to worry about going home this week anyway.

    Any vote-off predictions?

  6. Ronnie

    I too don’t understand the judges liking Jason. I thought it was pretty corny. He is very predictable–hippy type sitting of a stool struming a ukelele this time. Please! I was shocked at them liking it. I don’t see him as Idol material. Of course Archie played it safe (never takes a risk and is never called on it) as he usually does having already performed that song in the past. I just don’t get the hype about him. His voice is okay but he won’t appeal to mature men and women after Idol–Christian music probably. Now who doesn’t love a rock star? Guys like rock stars because they are cool and who doesn’t aspire to being a rock star with girls throwing hotel keys at them or bras and underwear? David Cook and Michael Johns have two things going for them–being front men in a band kind of guys, being cool, and very sexy. They both have “the package.” It takes more than just talent and a good voice to make it–you have to be sexy and those two have that. David Cook is the most talented of the two rockers. The kid who looks 10-12 yrs old is by no means sexy looking (monkey face, licking his lips and often out of breath). Old fashioned at that and certainly is no heart throb and that won’t even change when he gets older either. He is very predictable and boring regardless of the fact that he sings okay. He’ll win this contest–that’s pre-ordained. David Cook is my favorite by a long shot. Damm he’s hot. Though this one time, his performance wasn’t his best–even his worse performance is better than anyone else. I thought the judges were hard on him considering this was the first time his performance wasn’t stellar. If the song was a little bit longer it might have had more of an impact. I think David Cook will be safe. Last year they didn’t eliminate anyone but added the votes to the following week’s performance so hopefully David Cook will slay them next time. I hate even thinking he’s in the bottom three because overall–he does not deserve that after Kristy, Brooke, Jason being in that spot a number of times.

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