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David Cook

American Idol’s David Cook is sure to have a record deal at the end of Season Seven. We want to know if you think David will be the next Idol Superstar! Carrie Underwood was Idol’s last true Superstar, one with a huge career. Whether he wins or not, will David Cook be American Idol’s next Superstar?

Written by: Erin
Posted on: Friday, April 25, 2008

5 Responses to “Poll: American Idol’s David Cook, Superstar?”

  1. Em

    David Cook is AMAZING so if he win or not he will be a super star. cuz guess what Chris Daughtry didn’t win and he’s doing better than Taylor Hicks. And once David Cooks cd comes out I’m gonna buy it.

  2. Shereeda

    seriously.. 10 weeks performing on Idol and 1 bad performance? geez and it wasnt bad just that it wasnt up to his standards …come on he’s already a SUPERSTAR!!!

  3. Sylvanah

    YESSSS with no doubt hes already a star!! no matter what hes the IDOL .. even if he doesnt win!!! Simply amazzzzing!!! he ROCKS!!

  4. PS

    How Simon can pick David Archuleta over David Cook is a mystery to me? David Archuleta has the huge number of teeny bopper fans and that unfortunately will decide the competition. Just remember when another young singer named David had those loyal fans, David Cassidy. I would buy a Cook cd as soon as one is released but I have no interest in a Archuleta cd.

  5. Vr

    He’s already a superstar. People are obsessed with him and can’t get enough of him. I know his album will be fantastic. Every song he does becomes my favorite. That’s unusual. He had 11 songs in Billboard Top 100 at the same time a record only beat by the Beatles in 1964. I am so glad he won, America got it right this time. Sorry–Archuleta just doesn’t do it for me. Seriously who can listen to ballad after ballad. I don’t think Simon wanted Archuleta to win but thought the tweens would come out strong to get someone their age as the winner. As far as I’m concerned after Billie Jean, Cook was no longer a contestant–he was a guest singer on the show as his performances were in a totally different league than anyone else.

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