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The Bachelor Season 11

Tonight on The Bachelor, it’s Barbados and Matt’s “biggest decision of his life” (again). Who stays, who goes? Apparently, he is proposing in two weeks in the “Most Romantic Finale Ever!” We’ll see.

Barbados! Matt’s excited and smitten. He’ll be the luckiest guy in Barbados. He’s trying to see who’s honestly a lifelong partner.

He loves her hat. I don’t. She’s 100% sure she’s falling in love with Matt. What I don’t understand is how you can be “falling.” See, I didn’t realize you could categorize each stage of the love process. Silly me. Anyway. They go on jet-skis (jealous!) and water trampoline. They make out in the water. Matt says there has always been a brilliant chemistry, but wants to see her smart, independent side.

At dinner, they talk about what Shayne’s mom brought up about the seeing your partner kissing another man on-screen thing. She explains to him how un-romantic it all really is. Then he tells her he loves the blond sex-kitten part she is always playing, but also loves her more serious side. She says all of it is her, she never pretends, but likes to play the sex-kitten part a bit. She tells him she’s falling in love and he says he is too. They make out and he busts out the fantasy card. For those who don’t know, it’s an invitation to forgo their separate rooms and spend the night together. I think it’s an excuse for our bachelor to get a little something that’s not TV-material. You decide!

She pretends to consider the thought of not going with him, then says yes. They make out in a private pool, he’s so happy, but he still has two other women to think about and that’s tough for him. Now, if someone were thinking about two other women while they were in a private pool with me, I’m worried.

This is the point of the season where we actually start to see more intense feelings and it makes my head spin to think that someone puts herself in this situation willingly.

He’s been very attracted to her right from the start. She feels she’ll never again find someone like him. He’s taking her on a zipline even though they are both afraid of heights. Interesting. He pushes her out of her comfort zone which she likes. She says he makes her feel woozy and wants to just put it all out there so he knows how she feels. She tells him she has a tough time opening up, but makes it very clear, she, like, really, like, is like, falling for him. Like. She has never annoyed me till now, but I’ll give her props for being really nervous and I’ll overlook the likes. Unfortunately, it’s all a bit high school crush for me, and I’m worried this isn’t a mature enough relationship for him. We’ll see.

He tells her he appreciates her opening up and she hints around the love word. Both admit to falling and she says she can see him as the guy she could be with forever. She really wants him in her life. They kiss and he busts out that fantasy card (which she was worried he wouldn’t give her, but come on. A night alone with a beautiful woman in Barbados for free?) She, of course, accepts, they kiss more, then more, then a candle close-up, then he says he really loves being with her and they make a great pair. They are so glad they met each other, they kiss more, they lay on a chaise lounge chair, she’s hesitant about getting hurt, but wants to be with him.

Ok, so now he’s said the exact same thing to two women. I’ve never seen a bachelor pour this much out during the show. Only at the finale. I can understand why the women this season would be crushed to be dumped.

He’s taking her on a catamaran and interviews about how it’s been a roller coaster of a relationship. She tells him that he impressed her parents. The first part of their date is mega-awkward (to him). She talks about island facts and he feels a lack of connection and romance. She’s far away. He keeps giving her openings and she keeps giving one word answers. They snorkel and swim with sea turtles which is so cool, but “Chelsea wouldn’t come that close to me. The turtles were closer in physical distance.” They also, apparently, gave him better eye contact.

After the first part of the date, he’s completely “gutted.” Which I think translates to shocked or something like that. He’s frustrated because he knows that there’s something there and wants her to bring it at dinner. At dinner, he tells her she’s being a best friend and she tells him she’s just very aware and disturbed by the fact that there are other girls involved. She’s worried about getting hurt because she’s ended up caring for him more than expected. She doesn’t want to lose him and he’s very pleased to hear these words.

Anyone care to wager a guess if she accepts the fantasy suite? Duh, she already made him one earlier this season! They kiss. She just wants to be with Matt and only with Matt. He tells her that he’s almost said too much to her because he’s felt they could be good from the get-go. She has a surprise for him which she must leave and return to share. Oh dear. Then, oh my gosh! Sexy lingerie. Hubba hubba! She wanted to show her “romantic” side which she knows she’s had a hard time sharing. He’s in shock (because all the blood just rushed to one area…..) They’re completely happy that she’s gotten over her fear of romance because, let’s be honest, they get alone time with no cameras.

I have no idea what will happen. The editing and my gut points to Shayne and Chelsea which is fine with me. As far as relationships go, I think that Chelsea has the most well-rounded one with Matt. It reminds me of my own relationship with my husband. Shayne has the tender relationship where he feels like a protector (plus, he’d get to be a red carpet husband, so it’s almost a fantasy relationship). Amanda has the fun, humorous, school-girl relationship, which I think is too immature for Matt. SHE’s not immature, the relationship is, I think. We’ll see if I’m right. I still like Amanda best, just maybe not for him.

Rose Ceremony
In the past four or five seasons, the woman in the middle is the one going home. That’s bad news for Chelsea. I’d be shocked, however, if this was the actuality.

First rose goes to Shayne.
Second rose goes to Chelsea.

Wow, I’m good at this! Amanda and Matt go off so he can try to explain himself, but she looks pissed. She says she’s shocked. He says he’s felt everything he’s said which I get, but I’m not being dumped. She doesn’t understand how that can be true, so he says he just feels a closer connection with the other two girls. She calls him a douchebag. He says he doesn’t feel enough for her. Poor Amanda. Heart broken on national TV. Honestly. Entering a contest with 24 other women vying for one man’s heart? And you’re shocked? I guess I’m out of sympathy for people who do this to themselves.

Next week is Women Tell All. Basically, cat fight-o-rama. Yay! Two weeks, they meet the family in London. I’m excited. I can’t predict at this point, but my early guess is going to be Shayne. I hope it’s Chelsea (I really like her), but I’ll take Shayne too. I have to wait and see the interactions on his turf, with his family, in his town.

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