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Dancing with the Stars

This season’s Dancing With The Stars Season 6 field is narrowing. Only five couples remain. Last week Shannon Elizabeth & Derek Hough left. Which couple will it be this week? Lets see, Kristi and mark aren’t going anywhere. While Jason & Edyta have had some tough weeks as long as they put in a decent they should be safe too. Marissa & Tony seem to have the fans eye so they should also be OK this week. All of this assumes none of these three couples is a total disaster on the dance floor tonight. The two couples who really need to have good performances tonight if they want to stay in the competition are Mario & Karina and Cristian & Cheryl. Based solely on previous weeks, these are the two couples most likely to be in the bottom two tomorrow night. Cristian may have an especially tough time tonight considering he is still recovering from last week’s injury. I’ll be interested to see how Cheryl choreographs their performances tonight to work around Cristian’s arm.

Each of the couples will perform two routines tonight, a ballroom and a Latin routine: Double the chances for disaster, twice the chance to go home a fan favorite. Don’t forget tomorrow night is DWTS’ 100th Episode! There will be special performances by DWTS alumni and a pre-results show special with the judges highlighting the best performances from all 6 seasons.

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Written by: Walt
Posted on: Monday, May 5, 2008

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