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David Archuleta

Holy Reality TV Elephant In The Room! American Idol’s David Archuleta’s dad Jeff, known to all Idol fans as the stagedaddy of epic proportions, has been officially BANNED from the show! Free Archie!

Apparently, Jeff Archuleta has been tormenting others in addition to poor David, pissing off producers, other contestants, band members…pretty much everyone. Jeff is such an egomaniac, that TMZ is reporting that:

“The final straw came this week, when Jeff wanted to change the lyrics to David’s first song, “Stand By Me.” Jeff insisted on adding a verse from Sean Kingston’s hit, “Beautiful Girls.” Producers sent him an e-mail telling him the lyrics could not be changed. They were beyond pissed when David sang the song with Kingston’s lyrics during the live show. We’re told by changing the lyrics, it created problems with the song’s publisher and cost “A.I.” a lot of money”

Idol top brass hauled Jeff’s brutal ass in with their attorneys and told him where he could stick his puppet act. Jeff is banned from being in any room where David is learning or rehearsing songs. He’s only allowed to sit in the audience! It seems EVERYONE had enough of the stage nazi torturing little David, and nobody was gonna take any more diva from a guy in a trucker hat. Maybe Archie can escape during the tour!! Nanny Brooke already has a plan.

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Written by: Erin
Posted on: Saturday, May 10, 2008

21 Responses to “Jeff Archuleta Officially Banned From American Idol”

  1. Anne

    It’s about time that Jeff was stopped. David is not my number 1, but I think it is partly because of his dad. That is why he is so nervous when Ryan tries to interview him.

  2. David M

    Maybe if David A’s father becomes a reason for David A’s elimination, he’ll receive his just reward, and loss of respect from his son. The situation makes me want to see an elimination based on Dad’s poor conduct.

  3. Pete

    David A has been looking pretty sad, somber and tired lately. I’m sure all the hype and negative comments about his dad are taking a toll on him. Especially if his co-contestants, and producers of the show are upset with his dad. It must be very embarrassing for David. Hopefully he can put aside all of the hoopla for this weeks performance and do well as he always does. He is a very talented and soulful artist. I still think he is the next American Idol, and am supporting him all the way.

  4. mary

    The producers of AI needed to give Jeff Archulleta the boot long before now!
    At the beginning of the show David was relaxed and seemed to enjoy the stage. He even commented on it being great performing to all the audience. As time went by, there was an obvious change in David’s demeanor and he appeared more nervous. David does not need an overbearing and controlling father paralyzing him and give him ulcers at the age of 17.

    This great information on his father getting the boot made my “Mother’s Day!!

    I so hope we can see a relaxed David for the next couple of weeks.

  5. Parah

    I remember when word first came out in the media that Jeff Archuleta was a stage dad, and Ms Judd, who was a celeberty judge on Star Search made the comment about Mr. Archuleta concerning this. He told the media who questioned him on this, that he was only doing what he does as David’s mentor because HE himself is a musician, etc. Well…got news for Mr A… American Idol and all its support staff are also musicians and professionals. David is on Idol to learn, flourish, and become a star. It is all fine and dandy that Mr. A wants to be a part of his sons success…but this contest is about David…not Jeff. Good Luck David Archuleta, we are supporting you all the way.

  6. Kay Evans

    The whole father thing is a fabrication for drama. And Miss Judd can’t say a word because she was the worst stage mother in the history of music. Does anyone remember when she left one kid at home so she could take the other one on the road? Can you say “stage mother”? She rode Wynonna’s back all the way and didn’t even tell her who her true father was — until Wynonna heard he tell it in an interview on TV!!! Is that like the pot calling the kettle black? Give the kid a break. He’s under age and HAS to have his father on the set. You notice they don’t apologize for working him longer hours than are legal by AI! So who’s really abusing the kid?

  7. Nur Eliza

    We should not penalized David A for his father’s mistakes. Maybe it is unintentionally. Any father would want the best for his children. David is a very talented young man. We should support and help him achieve his dream of becoming a successful singer. He’s humble character is a role model to the ever demanding youngsters of today! I will support you to the end David!

  8. Eleta

    I think David will be better for not having his father oversee his every move. I have thought less of him in the contest since I started hearing about the stage dad thing. If he needs coaching on anything by his father or AI people, it is the art of interview. This young man will be in for thousands of interviews during the coming months (regardless of this season’s outcome), and he desperately needs some coaching in this area. His “I don’t knows” and giggling are very unattractive to watch. He should have ready answers to potential questions and not appear so stunned by having to answer questions off the cuff.

  9. Kay Evans

    Again: He is underage, so his father HAS to be on the set! David is a polite, kind, very-centered young man. If that’s what a stage father has made, then so be it. He’s a great kid! If his father had been a bad father, then David would be totally different. A “stage” father, if you look it up, is a father who takes his kids to auditions, shows, etc. Idol is just looking for a drama for their final weeks. Give the kid a break — he loves his father! Others have cried and forgotten the words, and AI had a rehearsal. Why is it they didn’t notice the words to the song had been changed then? Hello? Could it be because THEY don’t know what they’re doing and have to direct the blame to someone else? Let the kid and his father have their peace. The father HAS to be there, so what else do they have to complain about?

  10. Jessica

    David A. is the best Idol left. Give him a break and quit tryin to look for another excuse not to the let the most talented one win. Melinda from last season was the best and she didnt make it. Let him be and kick out dad if you have to.

  11. Jean

    Jeff’s behavior is quite typicle of the Morman culture - most think they are superior and their way is the only way at any expense. Sad, but the Dads are very controlling. Kids and women are the Dad’s possessions.

  12. Shawn

    Oh….wait for it…wait for it…There it is. Mormon bashing. Its all because he’s a M.O.R.M.O.N. You see because that is the way that they raise their children because they are all “very controlling” and the Kids and women are “possessions” I just have to laugh at the previous comment. Every intelligent, rational thinking person, who has been around members of that religion can pretty much surmise that some guy being overbearing to his son, has nothing to do with him being LDS. Also, Ive been a “Mormon” -sorry it’s spelled with an “o” all my life and my wife is the “Boss” and always has been. In fact I’m pretty sure thats the way it is for most folks if they want to stay happily married regardless if your LDS or whatever.

  13. Dick

    Shawn, Give me a break you must be whipped if that is your take on marrage and your wife calls all the shots ..What a SISSY and I can believe the comment before you,,, Morman more like, Morons and I know a few and YES they do what was stated before, Let it go and Grow up to that wife. I can see Davids Dad being that way but for the MONEY… that is all he is interested in, nothing else. That is why he has such a problem with it all, David fails my checkbook just went out the window. Loser!!! Have to let your kids grow up some time, get a grip..or get a job.. DONT LIVE off your Kids.. Wealth ????

  14. lisa


  15. Shawn

    Ok DICK, you have one point. Maybe I did come off as a bit of a sissy..BUT- When I say my wife is the boss, I was kind of joking. I was over-emphasizing the fact that I am in no way in “possession” of my wife and children. She and they are their own persons,make their own choices and her and I compromise = life. Of course- being a parent you have to put your foot down sometimes and raise them the way you would like them to grow up. Thats all you can do though. They- ultimately, obviously are going to make the choices in the end of how and who they are going to grow up to be…(I know-very deep.) As far as Idol goes I was a COOK fan. Sorry guys. I know Archie was good and will still do well- But I was really glad to see my boy win it all.

  16. sheri samson

    i hope when david turns 18, he will tell his daddy to bugger off! andrew lloyd weber told david he needed to sing with his eyes open. he prolly does that, so that he don’t have to look at his dad.
    i hope david didn’t loose because of dear ole’ dad.

  17. Sallie

    Well Shawn - being a Mormom, wasn’t sure you had access to the e-mail? Does your wife & children??? Huh??

  18. D.C. Irving

    David Archuleta will never make it as long as he is overmanaged - read mangled - by a parent who will eventually destroy any real development of his talent.

    We see this in parents who indulge themselve in meddling with a child’s psyche at children’s events in sports, school, talent programs, etc.

    The problem remains: will David Archuleta be able to break away from his parent’s controlling way?


  19. Joe

    Lol!!! You are very funny Sallie. Have you ever heard of researching?? …before posting unintelligent comments like “being a Mormom, wasn’t sure you had access to the e-mail? Does your wife & children??? Huh??” It sure brought me a good laugh! Oh, and consider going back to school so you can learn how to spell “Mormon” with a “n”.

  20. Renee

    The topic of discussion was David A. and his father, not religion or spelling.

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