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The Bachelor Season 11

This is it! The big finale of The Bachelor, London Calling is tonight. London financier, Matt Grant, must choose one girl to spend the rest of his life with. Ok, not really. I mean in Bachelor history there have only been a few couples who have actually stayed together after the finale. Or, Matt could pull a Brad Womack and not choose either girl. I’ll tell you right now if he did that I would never, ever watch The Bachelor again… ever. I don’t think Matt will do that. He is going to go home with either Chelsea and Shayne tonight.

Personally, my money is on Chelsea. Even though he has at times had trouble getting past her defenses, I think she is the one he really digs. Maybe its because she played a little hard to get that he finds her intriguing. All of the other girls just threw themselves at him. I think he likes Shayne a lot but, I just don’t see it. Maybe I’m letting my personal preferences get in the way. I like Chelsea more. Shayne just seems a bit immature. I could be wrong. Its happened before. I know Gretchen thinks its going to be Shayne. We’ll see which of us is right tonight.

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Written by: Walt
Posted on: Monday, May 12, 2008

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