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The Bachelor Season 11

Oh boy, I’m excited! Someone’s getting proposed to and someone’s getting her heartbroken tonight on the season finale of The Bachelor, London Calling.

London and Chelsea
Chelsea is the first to meet Matt’s family and he is going to first take her on the London Eye (which reminds me of an enormous Ferris wheel). They view the city from above and Matt interviews that the “stakes are high right now” (no pun intended…) and she wants to impress the family because she knows that they could make or break the relationship (duh). Apparently, it’s mom, Trish, dad, Tony, and brother, Simon. They sit down to dinner and the family asks her why she likes him. Simon really likes her and Matt’s mom likes the “Selling job” she’s doing, but is unsure of the sincerity.

Mom asks her if she’s guarding herself and she explains that, yes, she is, for obvious reasons. Mom likes her openness and honesty. Then she talks to Matt and he says he’s still a little unsure of Chelsea, but feels better after today. When she leaves, he interviews that he feels good thinking he may be engaged to her in the end.

It’s her first time in Europe and so Matt takes her through High Park (I think) and they ride a double-decker bus to the ‘rent’s. She’s nervous, but she’s “falling in love with their son so [she] has nothing to hide.” I really admire her attitude in all this. She starts out really cute with the family, laughing and joking and being all open and lovely. Simon is unsure of her at first, but then she talks a lot at dinner about how hard she worked to get where she is in acting and when he continues to grill her, he warms up. She is handling this really well. In a one-on-one, Simon tells Shayne he misread her and now likes her warmth and how genuine she is. Mom feels really at ease with her and they talk about Shayne’s experiences with a broken family and how that’s molded marriage to be really important to Shayne.

The Family Talks
Matt talks with his family after Shayne leaves and says he feels more at ease with Shayne but more passion with Chelsea. Simon imagines him with Chelsea and Dad imagines him with Shayne. They laugh about how unhelpful it all was.

Barbados and Chelsea
Matt has a huge surprise for Chelsea: a helicopter ride and then a picnic on an “untouched” island. She’s stoked (can’t blame her). They share intimate conversation where she says she feels they’d have a great future and she can’t picture spending her life with anyone else. Later, at the hotel, she gives him a gift full of cute items he’d need to visit her in California (surf wax, cereal for breakfast in bed, etc.). She nervously tells him she’s falling in love with her and he reciprocates. She interviews afterwards that she needs it to be “him and me.” I feel bad for her already.

Barbados and Shayne
Matt starts the date by interviewing that he’s trying to get Chelsea out of his head so he can have all attentions on Shayne. I asked the women I was watching this with if they would say yes to a man who proposed to them and had trouble deciding between them and someone else. Just food for thought! Anyway, he takes Shayne parasailing and says right as she’s about to go up, “If I don’t come back, I wish you and Chelsea the best.” To which, I laughed and thought how cool she was.

You can probably guess that there was a lot of screaming involved and laughing and cuddling and kissing, so I don’t need to recap that. She interviews that she is in love with him (bonus points for not saying “falling in love with him”) and then we see them in the hotel. She says she has a present and it’s the best present he’ll ever get from her no matter what. He opens up a picture of her in the process of writing “I love you” in the sand, then another photo of the finished product and her lying next to it. I have to admit that it was one really heartfelt gift. And really cheap, too.

So I’m pretty sure I’ll duplicate that at some point. Anyway, so the point of it was that she was saying “I love you” for the first time to Matt and he was floored. He knew that she took a big jump today and when she says “I love you” again, he says the horrible “I’m falling in love with you…” to which I barfed. Anyway, he then tells her she is the warmest, kindest, gentlest person he’s ever met and afterwards, she interviews that she’ll say yes if he proposes. I hope he does.

The Decision
Matt interviews that it’s the toughest decision and doesn’t want to make it. Ok, well, then don’t. Brad didn’t last season. Anyway, he’s going to propose, and finds the perfect Tacori ring. He says that it just jumped out and it was “an incredible diamond ring to symbolize his love and commitment.” He’s never been this nervous and never thought he’d fall in love with two women. Yes, we’ve heard it all before.

First out of the limo usually means you’re going home, sista! She’s fallen in love and is hoping he chooses her. She would feel lucky and blessed to walk away with him. Poor Chelsea. He never thought he’d meet someone like her and really “found Chelsea” in Las Vegas. He thanks her for her time but can’t give her all she needs. “I’m sorry you’re not the one because you’re incredible.” She is sad, finds it hard to understand that she’s not the one. Then the claws come out!

Chelsea calls Shayne the “falsest person here.” To which I yelled at the TV because let’s be honest, Shayne and Amanda were the only 2 that didn’t get into all out battles or bash everyone and everything that came through the house. In the limo, she says she doesn’t really understand what happened and that he’s a fool. Heard it all before.

Matt interviews that he’s found his soulmate and sees lots of fun and perfection with Shayne, and that she’ll always be there for him. She interviews that she’s never had her heart in a man’s hands like this and that he holds all the qualities she wants in a husband. She’d be heartbroken if she lost him.

He tells her from the first moment he saw her, he saw the million dollar smile, beautiful brown eyes, and thought it was “too good to be true” many times. There has been lots of good stuff but that he came to find someone for life and “I know when I look in your beautiful brown eyes that you’ll always be there for me. I hope you know that I’ll always be there for you.” He gets down on one knee, she hyperventilates (not really) and he says, “Monkey, will you marry me?” I am thinking this is absolutely adorable, then she outdoes herself, “I’ll marry you on one condition…..that you never look at another girl for the rest of our lives!” Ha! I love her. I didn’t, but now I do. Good for them, I’m really glad that they’re happy and I’m glad I was wrong about a 22 year old not being mature enough. Happy to admit she proved me wrong.

Catch The Bachelorette starting next week at 9 p.m. where DeAnna Pappas from last season’s The Bachelor picks from 25 hotties. I have my popcorn ready already!

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Written by: Gretchen
Posted on: Tuesday, May 13, 2008

5 Responses to “The Bachelor, London Calling - Season Finale Recap”

  1. Trisha

    i was so HAPPY that Matt picked Shayne..I love how she is NOT a fake! she is pretty, funny, and i can see why Matt wanted to be with her over Chelsea, to me Chelsea was the false person there, not Shayne, i love that Matt put her in her place when he was walking her back to the limo, when chelsea said shayne was the falsest person there, Matt came right back and said NO she is NOT if you think that, than you dont know me! Ha!….I really hope this works out. i am 27 years old after my 4th date with my hubby he said i am going to marry you, so you better believe you can fall in love in 6 weeks, i just hope it works for them, they are way to cute together, and shayne is really a cool lady. i love her one liners. one thing is for sure, she will make sure there is never a dull moment. the best of luck to Matt and Shayne..Matt you did the right thing!

  2. sharon

    Are ya kiddin’ me? Even her FATHER said he wasn’t sure she wasnt’ just doing an “acting job” to get herself on TV for MORE of the same! I pity the poor fool- obviously he was as taken with HER as Jack Kennedy was with Marilyn Monroe- EXCEPT that Marilyn HAD brains! This one let the “smart” out when she started bleaching her hair at 13! Well Matt- you certainly proved by asking this ditzy, shallow 22 year old B-lister to marry you, that in the end, even a SMART man comes down to what’s BELOW the neck, not aboe it- “Monkey.”

  3. Tanya

    Wow I didn’t believe it was possible for someone to be so judgemental and stupid. You don’t even know Shayne and shouldn’t judge her. I’m sure you wouldn’t want someone coming into your life, judging you, and calling you a whole bunch of names. If matt loves her then good for them. I hope everything works out for them and that they’re happy together.

  4. Maribeth

    I think they are absolutely adorable together. Shayne was my pick from the first episode on. I truly think that she had to grow up fast at a very young age and in doing so, gave her an edge over the other “older” girls. You could tell by the non-dramatic tantrums “she didn’t throw”. She was the only one that understood giving the girls who didn’t have time with him, time with him. I have never written on a blog about a reality show but I just couldn’t help it; she is just adorable and they are darling together. I’m sure she has seen alot in her very young 22 years, and why is it hard for people to believe (give people the benefit-of-the-doubt) that they are sincere and just want true love like everyone else? You can’t help who you love. She was athletic, had great legs and wasn’t a “stick” figure and I love the fact that Matt “got” her, who she was and didn’t let anyone influence him because of who they “thought” she was. I really think she was the most vulnerable one of all the girls and she was just herself. I hate mean people and the terrible words people write, it’s so silly. It’s a show, their life, not ours and I’m willing to bet that if anyone of us watching had the chance to meet Shayne, she would win all of us over. Poor thing can’t help who her parents are or what they look like. She is not her mother and everyone should stop writing hurtful things about her family and how her mother looks. Lastly, extremely tall men love tiny women! I was married to a man who was 6′4″ and I’m 5′2″; they like that cuddle-bug type and love having someone they can lift up when they kiss and hug them. That’s another reason I knew from the first show that he was going to pick her, her size. So, remember that girls who are short, the tall guys love the little ones! Anyway, I was thrilled, they are just too too adorable and I can’t wait to see what happens in their future.

  5. Dinda

    Well well well.. its January 2011 and Sharon with her comment had proved herself right. They both split because the fraud she and her family did and she’s cheating with a media mogul Justin Something on a las vegas trip and Shayne doesnt want to gave Matt back the Ring (which something a lady would obviously d0). Eventhough its not always the case, but yeah, just see what type of parent she has, a fruit wouldnt fall far from the trees. Cheers!

    Dont be fooled by her look. She’s actrees so thats what she’s good at! acting!

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