Sex and the City Movie Premiere: Attack of the Glue Gun
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Kim Cattrall

Please, will someone tell me what is up with whomever is styling the ENDLESS promo tour for “Sex And The City- It’s Not As Gross As You Think?” Is Kim Cattrall SUCH a diva that she’s being allowed to pick her own clothes out? Stylist better hope so. Behold Skanky McCougar in a silver lawn bag slapped with clearance-sale wired lace.

The skankster is still in denial about her actual dress size, and has AGAIN squeezed into something much, much smaller. The boobage overflow looks like the Michelin man is trying to escape. Please Kim- give it up, or call Jenny Craig, because nobody sees the size tag!

The wired lace glued-on afterthoughts are particularly disturbing. Small handles to facilitate a quickie boob-lift between poses? Is it some kind of external corset that broke? An homage to Venetian blinds? IS IT INSIDE-OUT? Mildly interested minds want to know.

Maybe this is part of a grander, twisted plan to lure moviegoers in…like the freakshow at the carnival. That HAS to be it. Distract us from the crypt-keepers with horrifying clothes! Genius! Well done, sneaky stylist. I bet you’re gettin’ a bonus.

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Written by: Erin
Posted on: Thursday, May 29, 2008

2 Responses to “Sex and the City Movie Premiere: Attack of the Glue Gun”

  1. Chloe

    Ack! Designer Vivienne Westwood is responsible for this heinous creation. I would deny ALL if I were Viv. Kim spent the evening fighting a wedgie in this as well.

  2. Erin

    UPDATE! The crazy gals at braved Sex And The City “stylist” Pat Field’s launch party for her new line of shoes at- wait for it…PAYLESS. That would explain all. Tons of eye-burning, hot tranny mess pics from last night’s throwdown are up, if you dare. Warning: just because it looks like a girl means… nothing.

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