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Maybe it’s a slow news day or maybe it’s not. Angelina Jolie reportedly HASN’T had her twins yet (People Magazine in response to Entertainment Tonight’s announcement that she HAD given birth in France). Some French media have reported she gave birth Sunday. Clint Eastwood has gotten in on the game with the cloudy “she’s doing fine”. I’m sure it is a complete ZOO outside the Catholic clinic in Aix-En-Provence she’s reportedly birthing in.

OK magazine helpfully repeats the denial from Jolie’s rep, along with a link to see 15 pictures of her bump. That’s to kill time while the press gets the straight story! Angelina probably doesn’t want to share media space with Clay Aiken and his turkey baster. THAT’S a pretty big story around the net today too, and we’ve got a poll up for you to vote in! Just to kill time.

Written by: Erin
Posted on: Friday, May 30, 2008

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