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The Bachelorette Season 4

Tonight on The Bachelorette, three men get sent home and nine remain.

Chris begins by reminding the boys how the roses work…Paul, Graham, and Jeremy got the date roses last week, so they move in with DeAnna. DeAnna interviews that she wants Graham to leave his shirt off the entire time he’s there. Meanwhile, the boys in the “Outhouse” (their highly affectionate name for the guest house), Jesse is grilled about what it’s like to live with DeAnna and the boys all play basketball and talk about Jeremy.

First date card arrives and it’s for Richard. DeAnna comes to pick him up and she looks smokin’. The guys are jealous and Richard’s really nervous. They go up onto a rooftop for dinner and she asks him some questions, such as, “What’s the most romantic thing you’ve done for a girl?” Apparently it was packing a picnic and taking the girl to the cliffs overlooking Lake Ontario for dinner and stargazing.

The second date box arrives and it’s for all the remaining guys except Jason.

Back on the date, they are talking about Richard’s job and he says that he has more passion than money when it comes to being a teacher (with which I agree wholeheartedly) and she’s happy that he’s happy because that’s all she wants is for the man to be happy. They talk about how he’s never brought someone home to meet his family (girlfriend-wise) which I think she finds weird.

She interviews that she can’t decide whether or not to give him a rose because she doesn’t know if she sees him as a friend or a husband. They then go on a super-romantic carriage ride and you can tell he’s really into her and she’s very uncomfortable because she does not reciprocate and, oh surprise! No rose for Richard. Sorry dude, I like you!

The boys are shocked when the man comes in for Richard’s bags and he interviews that he felt something, she didn’t and a part of him feels destroyed. She says that it was difficult to let him go, but she doesn’t see herself falling in love with him. Harsh, man, but I approve of not leading him on.

Group Date
A box comes with a lot of boots and jeans and cowboy hats so we know it’s a southern-style date. Jesse says his mission today is to get between Jeremy and DeAnna. Nice. They are learning to line dance (!) and it’s really funny because the instructor makes each guy try it alone and none of them do a particularly good job, while DeAnna rocks the socks off of the line dance when it’s her turn. Next up is a mechanical bull. DeAnna comments on how Jesse is always winning the challenges (push-ups, etc.) and he stays on the bull the longest.

Then she tells us that she has a prank. When it’s her turn on the bull, she falls off and pretends to be hurt to see who has the quickest reaction time. Jesse wins again while Ron shows just how big of a jerk he is by watching her and drinking his beer. Jesse is rewarded with alone time and she asks him why he’s still single. He tells her he broke it off with the last girlfriend because she wasn’t independent enough…she would introduce herself as “Jesse’s Girlfriend” rather than as her name. Which is sad.

They are now all sitting around a bonfire and Twilley is leading them in some weird campfire song. Ron gets pulled for some one-on-one time and she asks him about his confrontation with Jeremy about getting to live in the house for another week. He replies something along the lines of, “My issue or non-issue with Jeremy is my issue and has no bearing on your process.” To which she raises an eyebrow and I want to jump into the TV and slap some sense into him. Eh well. He digs his own grave. He goes back to the bonfire and tells the guys all about his conversation with DeAnna and tells Jeremy he has no tact (which makes me wonder what his definition of tact is, since it’s quite obvious he has none).

Graham and Fred sneak attack while Jeremy is having one-on-one time and they all chit chat for a bit. Now Robert is talking about how he felt chemistry the first night with her and then didn’t feel it for a couple days, now he is feeling it again. I’m not sure if he’s really drunk or really nervous, but he’s babbling. Apparently she likes it, though, because he gets the rose and gets to move in next week (she’ll be eating well, I suppose).

Jason’s Date
His box arrives and the boys talk about how he’s going to tell her about his son. She shows up to wait for their ride and we find out it’s a helicopter. He’s stoked and says it’s the best surprise he’s ever gotten. They go to a mountain observatory for dinner and stargazing (quite similar to Richard’s, I might add) and she interviews that there is nothing about Jason she doesn’t like, “But I guess tonight will tell.” I don’t know if that’s foreshadowing or not, but usually this show builds these things up to be a bigger deal than they actually are, so I’m guessing she’s totally cool with his Daddy status.

Back at the house, the boys try to figure out how DeAnna will react to Jason’s news of his son and I wonder why they try so hard to work out how she thinks.

Anyway, Jason and DeAnna have dinner in the library at the observatory and she asks if he misses his family (perfect segue to talk about his son). He tells her about Ty and she takes it really well. They talk for awhile on it, then he asks her about her mom. She goes into this really deep and depressing story about her death and the toll it took on her and her family, but ultimately, it brings them really close because, get this, he’s the first guy she’s ever dated that has wanted to know about her mom. So she’s either lying, or has picked really big idiots in the past. So now I really like him a lot and they look through the big telescope, he asks permission to kiss her, and oh my gosh how cute are they? I love them!

The Next Day…
So we have 2 roses handed out and 3 spots to move in. If anyone else can do simple math, that means one more person needs a rose before the ceremony to make things easier. DeAnna decides to take them all to the set of Ellen’s show. She says that Ellen is a great person and good judge of character, so she wants to utilize her intuition to sniff out the good guys. She asks the guys some really personal questions, makes them do a dance-off, then show their “goods” in Ellen boxer-briefs. I am getting a huge kick out of this. Anyway, Ellen is dishing out the third rose and it’s going to Fred. How sad for Fred. I mean, to get the only rose NOT handed out by DeAnna? But good for him because he’s a good guy and much better than some of the others.

Cocktail Party
DeAnna takes Ron out for some alone time and he says some really weird stuff about waking up this morning and not feeling it with DeAnna, then later that day coming down with a case of the DeAnna’s (which, sorry, but no girl wants to be likened to being a disease). She asks him what’s fun about him and he honestly does not answer, but completely thinks he does. How sad and weird and creepy. Jeremy steals and Ron interviews about Jeremy’s lack of integrity (and I’m kind of bored of commenting on just how asinine Ron is). Jeremy asks her if she’d move to Dallas and she says she would if he ends up being her guy. Next is Graham and she tells him she’s worried he doesn’t know what he wants because he hasn’t dated much. He tells her it’s tough to watch her with other guys.

Then the best thing happens. She takes Jason out for some time together and gives him a gift: she has named a star after his son, Ty, which is the only selfless thing I have ever seen a bachelor or bachelorette do. I’m mystified and so happy for Jason because I think that he deserves this. He’s so touched and grateful and I hope they end up together!

Rose Ceremony
Fred, Robert, and Jason are safe, two guys are going home.

Byebye Ron and Paul. I’m sad to see Paul go, but I never thought he’d win, so it was really only a matter of time. I threw a small party, however, when I didn’t hear Ron’s name. Paul interviews that he’s sad (in a nutshell) while Ron keeps talking about how DeAnna didn’t reject him, she just chose others and if Jeremy’s what she wants, then he’ll wish them well even though it’s doomed.

The thing I don’t get is why he thinks it was ever between him and Jeremy? For one thing, he never stood a chance and for another, there are 8 other guys besides Jeremy! I guess you can’t really understand people like Ron. So I’m pretty happy with the outcome. I am thinking that we’ll see Twilley, Sean, and either Fred or Robert going home, but I guess we’ll just have to wait!

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Posted on: Monday, June 2, 2008

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