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The Bachelorette Season 4

This week starts with Chris Harrison coming in to let Robert, Jason, and Fred know that they are moving in with DeAnna. There will be one one-on-one date, one two-on-one date, and one group date. The way to get the one-on-one date is that DeAnna is holding a singing contest – the boys must write and perform a song for her, and she will be the only judge, getting to pick her date. Brian is really excited and Sean would rather be digging his own grave.

Fred goes first and he’s really cute and funny. Graham would rather eat glass than write a song and perform it, but it’s cute, short, and a bit awkward. Next is Robert and he weirds me out, followed by Twilley who, well, no. Jeremy is a really white man rapping and Sean, again, no. Jason’s is a bit weird and artsy while Jesse gets down on one knee, grabs her hand, and serenades her with an out of tune, but cute little verse. Brian’s is actually pretty good, but a bit creepy. The boys really liked his and he totally should have won, but DeAnna likes that Jesse put himself out there, held her hand, and maintained eye contact.

Jesse is really nervous for his date. The boys grill him about what he’s going to wear and due to awesome editing, there’s a knock at the door and a tux delivery (saving Jesse from what would have been wardrobe disaster). There are tickets in the pocket and the whole dressing up thing makes him a ton more nervous because it’s “out of the box” for him. DeAnna interviews that she doesn’t want to change Jesse, but is excited to see a different side. In the limo, he tells her he’s scared out of his mind and when they arrive at the theater, the marquee says a nice message for him and he’s really happy and excited. They are going to have a private dinner together.

Meanwhile, the group date card comes for Brian, Twilley, Sean, Jeremy, Graham, and Jason and says, “Gentlemen, start your engines.” The boys deduce that Fred and Robert have the two-on-one date and that they are going to be driving something fast on the group date.

Back to Jesse, DeAnna suggests that he perform his song on the stage, which he does, then they have a nice, deep conversation so she can find out what he wants out of life. She asks some tough questions and he tells her he’s into her and thought he was the last guy who would fall in love in this situation, but that it’s “real” for him. DeAnna tells him she’s not typically attracted to guys like him but loves that he’s so real. He says he’s here because of her and wants to stay. She says that every time they talk, they grow closer and wants to continue to form their bond/relationship. This means he’s getting a rose (!) and tells him she feels no pressure around him. Natasha Bedingfield sings to them as they dance and it’s all sweet and I like them.

Group Date
The boys get on a bus bound for a race track where they will be driving stock cars. The fastest time will get alone time with DeAnna. First, Brian can’t get started but manages 140 mph. Jason is really nervous, but ends up with 138.77 mph. Graham does 136.91 which is impressive considering he doesn’t own a car and hasn’t driven in two years. Jeremy gets 129.31 and his competitive side comes out. Twilley starts really slow and careful (like I would be) but ends up beating Brian’s top score with 140.59. Last is Sean who has been super excited the whole time because this is his idea of a good time. He wins with 141.11 mph and they go off for their time together. He tells her he feels it’s a race for her heart and knows he’s not in first. She empathizes from her Brad experience and they talk about how she used to live in Kentucky with her mom. He grasps for any type of connection and seems to be boring her. DeAnna races next and beats all their butts with 141.62 mph. Jeremy pulls her aside for some time and she confronts him about his competitive streak that came out. He tells her he really misses her now that he’s out of the mansion.

Graham steals her next and they talk about how he’s different than the others and doesn’t like the competition aspect. She wants a kiss but he says he doesn’t want to be “one of a bunch.” She’s hurt (probably her ego, mostly) and he asks why. She can’t (or won’t) articulate and he lets her know that he feels weird sharing her. They argue and I think they’re both weird.

Robert and Fred’s date card comes and it says the usual, “One rose. One stays, one goes.” The rest of it talks about “Recipes for Love” and seems to be a cooking date to which Robert is stoked. He tries to freak Fred out by saying whichever one kisses her first is probably going to get a rose and thus makes a complete ass of himself by trying to act like he knows all her secrets and how she plays the game which turns me off huge. He’s overthinking it and Fred’s just trying to go with the flow and be himself.

Back to the group date, the rose goes to Sean and Jason’s sad, but knows there’s a connection. Brian seems to know he’s leaving and Twilley thinks the same.

The Outhouse boys invite DeAnna and the mansion boys down for a BBQ. She thinks it’ll be the perfect opportunity to talk to the boys before her decision. The Outhouse Boys set up this tiny table/chairs for the mansion boys and Robert throws a small tantrum about it, and about the fact they want him to cook the food. He goes inside and Fred takes over the grill. DeAnna is pissed off and goes to confront Robert. He says he thinks she already has her top three picked out and is all whiney and depressed. She brings him outside and yells at all the boys for blowing her off and avoiding her, then leaves the party. Rob interviews some weirdness about how he and Fred are resilient and Fred interviews how he doesn’t want negative feelings on the date. I like him, not Robert.

Two-on-One Date
Apparently DeAnna has set up for a romantic dinner in a Hollywood Hills mansion. She asks them what the most romantic thing they’ve ever done for a girl was and Robert tells about this extravagant thing he did while Fred did this cute surprise getaway to relax and be a couple and you can tell that Robert is trying way too hard.

Later, Robert gets alone time and tells her he’s a big believer in the passion side of things and asks to kiss her, to which she offers her cheek and I laugh because his whole intent was to get the first kiss to secure a rose and she was totally turned off. Then he tells her communication is the key to a good relationship which she finds funny because that’s exactly what he DIDN’T do at the bbq. He ran away. He is all gloating about their connection which she obviously doesn’t feel.

Fred then tells her he really likes being around her and he’s here for her. Also, there are people fighting for her and he’s one of those people. He wants her to leave a small area in her heart for him to see what could happen.

The boys at the Outhouse postulate that the date may be a bit tense and think that Fred’s returning which editing has always told us means that he’s not. Bummer.

Back on the date, the rose comes up and she says that while she respects both, she cannot give it to Robert. She walks him out and he interviews in the limo that he’s destroyed and “I didn’t have the ‘recipe for love.’ It’ll be awhile before I let anyone in again.” He’s drunk and depressed and I say, buck up, Junior there’s a man out there for you somewhere…..

Back inside, she tells Fred that he’s wonderful but cannot give him a rose either. She doesn’t want to lead him on and Fred is very gracious saying that he just wants her to be happy. In the limo, he says he believes fate brought him here and it hurts, but he doesn’t want to stick around just to stick around. I love him and wish I had a single friend for him.

When she returns, Jason comforts her and gets a lot of alone time with her all night to make out and be sweet and wonderful.

Cocktail Party
Tensions are really high. Jeremy tells her it was tough for him to see her upset. She likes that he puts her first. The others grill Jason about his time with her in the mansion last night. Brian tells her he loves her honesty and talk about how communication is key. Twilley says he has “so much confidence” in DeAnna. Graham is asked what is going through his mind and he confuses me by saying he’s happy that he was pained to see her upset because that means he cares for her and they talk through their problems. She doesn’t ever want to be confused by him and thinks he’s trying really hard.

They all jump in the pool and laugh and have a good time until Chris Harrison breaks it up. On a side note, nipples are gross.

Rose Ceremony
Jesse and Sean are safe, and only one is leaving tonight since two already left. I think it’s Brian. My husband thinks it is Twilley. I think he is too idealistic and while I hope he’s right, I don’t think he is.


Bye Brian (and HA! I’m right). He says when he arrived he was open to finding love. DeAnna is a wonderful girl and he wishes they could have had more time to get to know each other better. He thinks that since he was never in the mansion, he bonded with the guys and she saw him as just hanging around for the experience and to have a good time, though he was there for her. He understands and I like him, but he bored me so I’m glad Jesse and Jason are still around!

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