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The Bachelorette Season 4

Tonight, we have a special treat…The Bachelorette: DeAnna Tells All followed by a real episode!

So the DeAnna Tells All special is just, basically a long interview between her and Chris Harrison (oh goody). They start out by talking about watching the episodes after it’s all over and she says she really enjoys it. Ryan’s virginity surprised her (she never knew) and from the first night, Paul’s pool antics really stood out in her mind. She was embarrassed for him that night, then again when she was watching it on TV. Also from night one, Robert stood out because he went above and beyond just talking about how wonderful he is and actually SHOWED her. She is satisfied with how the editing is portraying the show and that everything we’re seeing is real.

One thing they talk about is how Graham turned her down at the race track for a kiss. She says she doesn’t just let things go, she confronts her issues so they don’t fester. The two of them have a very interesting relationship and she needs him to let down his guard. Also from the race date, Sean and DeAnna made a good connection. They found lots in common and she was impressed that he took the time to get to know her.

They talk about Jason’s son and how when she learned of Ty, it helped her feel comfortable opening up about her mom since he had shared his most important person with her. She says it’s the most she’s ever opened up about her mother and that re-watching it made her feel very emotional.

She says she has different relationships with each guy and thinks her husband is definitely in there.

Chris asks about how hard it was to dump Richard. She says he’s the perfect guy and she would have felt lucky to have him in her life, but knew she couldn’t fall in love with him.

Next topic? The bbq! She goes into detail about why she got upset: she had felt excited to hang out with the guys, but once there, felt that she was alone and didn’t matter. Robert underestimated herself and thus did the cry-baby thing and hid out away from the party. She feels that some of the guys are too focused on her other relationships rather than the ones they have with her individually.

On the “dramatic two-on-one date”, she said she has fun with both guys. She didn’t know what to do when Robert tried to kiss her since it was a very un-romantic moment. With Fred, she says she sent him home because she felt it would have been coward-like to keep him when she knew it wasn’t there. She didn’t want to lead him on. She says that watching it was very difficult because she didn’t realize how invested they each were.

Next, we get to see more of “The Bachelor’s Favorite Couple!” Translation: let’s play up the ONE success this show has had in the last 7 years. Trista interviews that she loves her life and although the rejection from Alex (Bachelor 1) was awful, she got her second chance at love and was happy to be a part of the show a second time. They talk a lot about Max, the son, and how words cannot describe the bond they share. Trista then tells us that DeAnna’s doing a good job of being open and honest and she’ll be interested to see what happens on the fantasy dates because that’s where she fell in love with Ryan. She likes Graham and Jason and says that they all need to risk because without risk, there can be no reward. She hopes DeAnna has the same outcome as she.

An in depth look at the final six:
Jesse: he talks about how many of the people he knows are adrenaline junkies because they are extreme sports players. He feels lucky to have walked away with few injuries and never being in a wheelchaire for too long. He thinks his long hair and colorful sneakers set him apart, but that he knows that if he goes home, he was himself the whole time. He wants her to see that he’s genuine.

Twilley: he knows he’s an idiot sometimes (thank goodness, because I was beginning to think he didn’t know that…) but he likes to be himself and have fun. He wants her to get to know him as much as possible. I’m interested to know that he started some sort of real estate marketing company online in college, and that he’s really into art. He thinks his best features are his personality and heart.

Jason: again, we learn that his son is the most important thing in his life. He loves DeAnna’s passion in life and telling her about Ty on their first date was a pivotal moment in their relationship because it allowed him to see her reaction and thus get to know her so well. He says their first kiss was perfect and the time they spent together after Robert and Fred were eliminated was very special. He can definitely see her as Ty’s mom.

Sean: at nine, he was small for his age, so his parents enrolled him in martial arts. He’s very competitive and likes the finer things in life, such as designer suits, fancy cars, a five-bedroom house, and a line of products for hair and skin. Plus, he likes to tan because it makes him look thinner, and the sauna is a must to sweat out the extra couple pounds. Wow. Insert bad jokes here. I won’t, because I like him, but he’s a little too high maintenance for me. He says he’s a huge mama’s boy, talks to her 2-3 times per day (oh dear). He thinks that if DeAnna gets the chance to see how he treats his mom, she’ll know how he would treat his wife.

Graham: they share an unspoken bond and he was very flattered to have received the first one-on-one date. He loves kissing her but has concerns about DeAnna because of the other guys. He has a hard time dealing with her relationships with the other men and they argue a lot because that’s how they move forward. He feels strongly for her and their conflicts are leading to a good relationship. No comment.

Jeremy: loves his job as a real estate attorney, but feels that it’s very isolating which leaves little room for socializing. He has a wonderful dog who is his best friend. He feels upsidedown around DeAnna and she makes him want to open up even though he feels a bit like he’s holding back. He says very few people have gotten him to talk about his family and they share some of that kind of stuff in common. He is falling for her and wants to eventually marry her.

Back to Chris, they talk about how she has six very different guys and relationships and doesn’t currently have a favorite. Jeremy is a great guy, Sean has a good head on his shoulders and a great heart, Graham is hot, but they argue, Jason is an amazingly great guy, but she’s worried about breaking his and his son’s hearts. Apparently Twilley and Jesse don’t get any criticism or praise. DeAnna’s last comment is “I have faith that my husband is here.” We shall see.

That brings us to tonight’s episode. Chris opens by telling the guys that the four people who remain after this week will bring DeAnna home to meet their families and friends. There are to be no roses on any dates and they should pack their bags because they’re heading to Palm Springs (woot!).

In Palm Springs, the first date card arrives and it’s for Sean. They are going to “take the relationship to new heights.” There are cable cars and they take a ride. He feels he is the “late guy in the group.” Then he likens himself to a race horse. She’s very fearful of heights and consequently seizes the opportunity to get a little closer to Sean. They have a romantic mountain-top dinner where he opens up that he hasn’t taken many risks with his heart. She’s glad he took the time to get to know her and then goes into something about guns and going for it 100%. They find they have similar family values and she sees a little romantic side, so invites him back to her suite for dessert.

Meanwhile, a date card arrives for Jesse, Jason, Twilley, and Graham. Twilley’s pissed (understandably) because he has yet to receive a single date.

Sean and DeAnna talk about what his hometown visit would be like and their similar family values. She wants a guy she’s crazy passionate about and he says she’s his missing jigsaw puzzle piece. She needed this date so they could get to know each other. It was pretty romantic and I think he’ll stay.

Group Date:
Twilley gets to ride alone with DeAnna in the first helicopter. The other three ride in another one. Graham thinks their flight will suck because Twilley gets so motion-sick. Unsurprisingly, this does happen, though he insists it’s only his ears and a balance thing. He can’t get the door open to let them out and they play silly music in the background which makes me smile.

They are going to be riding ATV’s and Jesse’s impressed by how manly she can be. DeAnna is kicking their butts, but she really wants them to cut loose. Jesse has no fear (probably the day job).

Date Card for Jeremy arrives and it’s “Let’s take a step back in time with Old Blue Eyes.”

Twilley seems to be in his own little world, playing by himself all day. Jason rides boringly (because he’s straight-laced, according to DeAnna), and Jesse is very attractive because of his four-wheeling abilities. They go back to the hotel for a pool party and more light/fun activities. Jason feels like he gets lost in the shuffle around the other guys. She takes Jason for alone time and asks about his hometown. She’d meet his mom, dad, and Ty so they could meet and play together. He says some nice things about his mom that I don’t quite catch, then Jesse steals. She says that something about him hit her today and she really wants him to kiss her. He doesn’t, she takes it personally, though the other guys are gaping open-mouthed at them in close viewing quarters, and she is disappointed and surprised (because he’s not the kind of guy that’s going to make out with you in front of your other boyfriends? Are you really that shallow?). Graham takes her away and they talk about his home date. He can’t wait because then “everyone will be on my side for once.” They laugh and make out in a hammock.

Jeremy’s date:
She is wearing an AWESOME dress that I want. She drives him in a vintage convertible to Frank Sinatra’s house. He hopes she opens up to him and they karaoke (badly), dance on the terrace, and eat dinner. They don’t show much of a conversation and what they do show is a somewhat boring version of all the other conversations she’s had with other guys. He’s falling for her and tells her he thinks they have a good future. She wants so badly to fall in love with him and his heart races every time they kiss. She can see herself falling in love with him and I wonder why she opens her eyes every time she kisses a guy?

Cocktail Party:
Oh, whoops. She’s already made her choice. Sorry guys! No torture for you tonight. Chris walks out to tell them this much and they get right into the rose ceremony. First rose is for Jeremy, then Jason, Graham, and Jesse. Sean and Twilley are out. Sean goes first and says she is the type of woman he could propose to and thinks he could have put himself out there earlier. Wishes her good luck and says thank you. Twilley says he opened up, but that doesn’t mean she’ll fall in love. They both leave with class and tell her she needs to be happy. Yay for non-dramatic exits! Next week, she visits the homes and tells one guy how disappointed she is in him. I’m thinking Graham and hoping it’s a triple J finale!

Written by: Gretchen
Posted on: Tuesday, June 17, 2008

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  1. kalibritt

    Hmmm.seems we might be in for a treat next week. I swear that I saw Deanna visiting Sean’s Mom’s house in a preview…but she let him go…but she said in the preview that she was thinking that she had made a mistake…does Sean come back do you think? I do believe that Sean is so high maintenance that she is out of his league, but they do have a wierd chemistry.

  2. Wanda

    I hope that DeAnna chooses Jason. He is very sincere and mature. I feel that the two of them will make it and that DeAnna will make a lovely mother. I feel that Jason has more to offer than the others, although he has the little boy, showing how he loves and cares for him shows me that he will do the same with and for DeAnna.

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