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The Bachelorette Season 4

This week is the hometown date week on The Bachelorette. DeAnna is so excited for the hometown dates because it’s important for the families to accept her. She feels strongly for all four in such different ways.

For Jeremy, she started feeling something right away. He got the very first rose, a first impression rose, and has been through things to which no other guy can relate. He’s everything every girl would want and she knows they would have a perfect life together.

She never pictured herself with a guy like Jesse. His heart and personality sealed the deal for him, but she’s concerned he’s not ready for marriage and forever.

Jason is just an all-around wonderful guy. It’s comforting to know that he can love someone so much and unconditionally (his son, Ty) because that means he can love a woman that way. She says she feels that there’s some pressure to be present in his son’s life if he’s her guy.

Graham is smokin’ hot and DeAnna’s type all the way. He makes her feel like a giddy school girl. He got the first kiss, but they’ve had a rocky relationship. She feels in her gut that he’s meant to be here and that they have an undeniable connection.

Her first hometown date is Breckinridge, CO with Jesse. She feels their relationship has progressed most naturally (friends first, etc.) and today he’s going to teach her how to snowboard. He feels she’s a natural athlete and they looked really cute out there. He’s on Cloud 9. They’re both really happy she did so well at something out of her element because she has taken him out of his so many times. She was excited because she likes trying new things. She asks what his parents will be like and he explains that he’s like his dad. She interviews that she needs a guy to push her and wants someone who she can completely depend upon and trust.

At Jesse’s home, Jesse interviews that he wants to build a strong foundation before kissing her (which is very important to him). He shows DeAnna around his house and tells her about his non-profit (!) organization. We find he has everything labled (very OCD) and she loves that his house is all about him (hung snowboards on the wall instead of pictures, etc.). His parents come in and his dad is funny right off the bat in breaking the ice. His dad asks her about sharing secrets and she tells him that she’s very honest. He really likes her. Dad and Jesse talk and he tells him that he has butterflies around her. Mom and DeAnna talk and Mom tells her Jesse was a miracle baby. She just wants him to be happy, then interviews that she likes DeAnna a lot. Dad feels she’s honest and has integrity, though Jesse tells Dad he’s not ready to get married in 2 weeks. Dad tells him he needs to open up. Then, they switch parents and Dad tells DeAnna that he feels Jesse is ready to marry, but he’s afraid, and that he advised him to open up. She felt good about her interaction with Jesse’s family. They take a carriage ride and he opens up to her, kisses her, and they make out. I like him.

In Dallas, TX, DeAnna will meet Jeremy’s family. She can’t wait, but hope he’s more relaxed. He picks her up on his motorcycle and she thinks that’s hot. They go for a ride around the city and he tells us that he liked having her arms wrapped around him. His place is spotless. It’s like something out of a modern homes magazine. She meets the dog and then is wowed by his absolutely perfect closet (OCD?). He tells her he wants a house and someone to make decisions with. He opens up more every time they’re together. He shares a photo album of his family and tells her she will meet his two brothers and sister-in-law. DeAnna is reminded of her mom when Jeremy tells her that his mom’s dying wish was for him to find a good woman that she’d be proud to call her daughter. He shares a journal of his last day with his mom and I’m all teary-eyed because it’s so personal and sweet and you know he’s having a hard time reading this on national TV. He tells us that “she’s destroying a brick wall I’ve built up. I’m definitely falling in love with DeAnna.”

In comes his family. She’s concerned if they’ll like her. Meredith (sister-in-law) thinks she seems very welcoming. They all bond at dinner because all of them have lost a parent. Next, they have some girl time and Meredith tells DeAnna that she doesn’t know many people he’s ever opened up to, so DeAnna feels very special. The brothers tell Jeremy they like her, but are worried about the other guys. They tell him he has their support, but that they’re going to be skeptical for him and will be there to pick up the pieces if it falls apart. DeAnna talks to the guys and they voice their concerns. She tries to alleviate and tells them that to her, families are very important. After they leave, Jeremy tells her he needs her, they joke, and kiss. “We fit. She’s definitely the girl I want to spend the rest of my life with.” Awww….

Seattle, WA where DeAnna will finally meet Jason’s son, Ty. Jason tells us he’s really excited and attacks her with hugs. He takes her up in the space needle…all the way to the very top where only VIP’s can go! I’m sold. There’s a beautiful view and she interviews that she’s really hoping for something to be there with Jason. They have a really good kiss and then she tells us she’s nervous to meet Ty. They talk in a revolving restaurant that they both want three kids and she tells him she wants them before she’s 30. Wow, that’s four years. Better get movin’. Over to a park and we see Ty playing with his aunt (?) and when he sees Jason he’s absolutely adorable. They run to each other and it’s the best reunion ever (and DeAnna agrees). They feed the ducks and DeAnna interviews that “to see him today with his child is what any woman would wish for.” She knows he’ll be a good dad and she felt comfortable and like a family on a day at the park. I’m actually teary again. Twice in this show!

Jason’s mom, dad, two brothers, and sister-in-law are there to meet DeAnna. She says it’s the family that’s most like hers (big) and that they went out of their way to welcome her (it’s true). They cook a Greek dinner, talk about sports, dating four guys, and then they grill her. He tells the family how much he enjoys her sparkle. Jason tells the family about Ty’s star and they’re floored (Ty’s excited) and they toast with Ouzo (more Greek stuff). She teaches them a Greek dance and I think they’re the best family I’ve ever seen on this show. Mom and dad love her. Dad takes her for one-on-one time and asks about how being a step-mom would be. She says she’s ok being a second mother figure and then he tells her she’s special. Mom and Jason are talking and he says he feels for her, but has body armor so as not to get hurt. She tells him he should show how he feels and he plans to open up tonight. When he says goodbye to Ty, I almost throw my notebook at the screen for making me teary for a third time. It’s actually pretty heart-breaking and everyone is crying on the show. She says she could see herself spending the rest of her life with him. He opens up, they kiss, and he tells us he’s falling in love.

Raleigh, NC where she will hang out with Graham. She thinks Graham’s having a hard time but hopes he opens up today. They play basketball in his high school gym (where it all started). They’re so excited to see each other, it’s really cute. She says she saw a different side of him that she loved. He’s talkative and she likes just being the two of them.

She meets his mom and dad and he’s excited to bring her home, even though it’s been several years since he’s introduced a girl to his parents. She feels right at home because you can tell they’re close. Mom grills her asking if she can find a long-term relationship in such a short time. Graham tells us he felt like he was in a relationship today. Mom thinks they click. Dad and Graham are alone and dad likes her. Mom and DeAnna are alone and she tells mom she’s worried he’s not ready. Mom says it’s tough for him, and that he’s a bit of a loner. DeAnna thinks she’s falling for him more than he is for her. She thinks mom really wants Graham to be ready for a serious relationship, but she’s not convinced he is. They have some awkward silence later, when they’re alone, and she tells him he’s closed off. He says he handles things internally and she continues to fall more even though he’s closed. “I just don’t know if I can spend the rest of my life begging Graham to fall in love with me.” Uh oh, not a good sign for Mr. Hottie.

We see her in the deliberation and she voices over each guy individually.

She was friends first with Jesse and now she’s feeling great about their romance. But is it enough?

Jeremy is absolutely perfect on paper, but is the more?

Jason: she never thought she would fall for a man with a kid, but is there room for her?

Graham: she has strong feelings, and feels comfortable, but can she be with a man who can’t express his emotions?

Roses go to: Jesse, Jeremy, & Jason (my top 3).

She walks Graham out and he tells her “You did what you needed to do.” She talks about how she felt Brad led her on and she felt he did the same. She can’t be with someone who can’t open up and she tells him she cares deeply and wanted him to be there in the end. She tells him she’s saying goodbye to the “one person she’s falling for” which, if that’s true, is pretty sad for the remaining three. She says she didn’t want to stand there at the end and have him not choose her in return. He gives her a note of all the things he couldn’t say. In the limo, he says nothing, but cries. She thinks she may have made a mistake. Oh dear. I kinda feel bad for him because he obviously does care for her and just has a hard time saying as much. While I think she’ll find love with one of the remaining three, I think she may have been hasty in getting rid of Graham and not letting her heart make the choice. We’ll see though. How ironic would it be if she got rid of everyone like Brad did?

Written by: Gretchen
Posted on: Tuesday, June 24, 2008

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