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Andy Dick

Oh that crazy, zanny Andy Dick was up to it again. Known for his over-the-top antics, Dick has definitely gone too far this time and is now facing some serious charges for it:

Andy Dick has been arrested on suspicion of drug possession and sexual battery. Police picked the comic up in Murieta, California early on Wednesday morning after revellers at a local bar reported Dick’s inappropriate behavior. They told the authorities he had pulled a 17-year-old female’s T-shirt and bra down to expose her breasts after leaving the bar.

Police stopped Dick and friends as they drove away from the establishment in a truck. During a curbside search, police reportedly found marijuana and Xanax in Dick’s pockets.

Who am I kidding? This happened in California. I’m pretty sure celebrities get paid to break the law and do drugs there. Jail time that Andy is likely to serve? Zip.

Written by: Matt
Posted on: Thursday, July 17, 2008

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  1. Cheryl

    Who really cares? Andy Dick is friggin hillarious! Like many celebrities, really, who cares if they are having drinks and smoking weed? Are they all supposed to stay home and sing carols? Singing carols having some drinks would be much more entertaining, but seriously? Most comics and just plain fun people like to get drunk! It makes them funnier! As far as smoking weed? I think it should be legal, especially for kids with ADHD! Imagine instead of ritalin, letting them smoke a joint before school! The teachers really would be amazed! Sorry, but that is just my opinion. If your child is old enough to be given rat poison (ritalin) then they are old enough to smoke marijuana! Just a though I had once. Again, I apologize for all the people who will now write in and bash my comment. Just like the celebs get bashed for having drinks and wanting to see some boobies!

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