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This week on Big Brother 10 is Keesha’s week. After she won Head of Household it was hysterical. Everyone in the house was thrilled because they all thought she was on their side. Meanwhile, Keesha doesn’t actually trust anyone. Keesha is going to shake things up in the house. I’m not sure she really thought that through though because while it is highly entertaining, it is also going to make her a target next week.

The food competition this week was just painful to watch. It took forever. Listening to Renny screech out the colors of the socks almost made my ears bleed. Fortunately, Dan seems to be deaf because he was the only one in the house who couldn’t seem to hear her. At least we don’t have to listen to Libra bitch and moan about being on slop anymore.

When it was time for the nominations, Keesha came out strong. She went after the power foursome in the house, the Jessie-Angie-Memphis-Michelle (JAMM) alliance. Keesha put up both Angie and Jessie. Jessie was totally blindsided. Michelle was totally psyched for the Power of Veto competition. What she doesn’t get, is that if she wins PoV and takes Angie or Jessie off, it could be her or Memphis who go up in their place. The gauntlet has been thrown down. There is going to be some bloodshed in the house over the next few weeks. The JAMM and KOAL (Keesha-April-Ollie-Libra) alliances are about to rumble. Keesha is going to be target #1. This could be the nonaligned House Guests may be the ones who are left standing. Things are about to get really interesting in the BB10 House.

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Written by: Walt
Posted on: Sunday, July 27, 2008

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