Isaac Hayes Passes Away At 65
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A day after Bernie Mac died the musical legend Isaac Hayes has likewise passed away. His wife called paramedics after finding him collapsed in their home.

Shelby County Sheriff’s Department arrived on the scene and C.P.R. was performed. Hayes was unresponsive, and Shelby County Fire Department and Rural Metro arrived on the scene where they took him straight to Baptist East Hospital where he was pronounced dead at 2:10pm. Central Time.

Family members say he had recently been treated for some medical issues, high blood pressure and possibly other problems. The treadmill was still running when Isaac was found. At this time officials do not believe foul play was involved, and everything at the scene so far indicated that Hayes’ death was natural.

These things come in threes. Who will be next?

Source: Snark Food

Written by: Matt
Posted on: Sunday, August 10, 2008

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  1. Erin

    That is just what my husband said. They come in threes. I hope he’s wrong. A sad week for entertainment.

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