Heather Locklear Formally Charged With DUI
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Back in September, Heather Locklear was arrested for an alleged DUI offense. Later it turned out a paparazzi had been the one to make the call so she could snap the exclusive arresting photos. The whole thing stunk of a papz attempt to make a few bucks. Turns out Locklear will still be charged with that DUI even though she had no alcohol or illegal drugs in her system:

“Lab tests showed she had no alcohol in her system and no illegal narcotics of any kind,” says Senior Deputy District Attorney Lee Carter, who declined to comment on what medications – or the amounts – Locklear had taken.

“We believe that the prescriptions she was taking could have impaired her ability to drive a motor vehicle safely,” says Carter.

If convicted, Locklear could face up to 6 months in jail which means she’ll likely get a card from the judge with a little kitty on the front hanging onto a branch and on the inside it’ll read, “Hang in there!”

Source: People

Written by: Matt
Posted on: Tuesday, November 18, 2008

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