Kanye West Defends Chris Brown’s Assault On Rihanna
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Looks like you don’t have to be very bright to sell tons of albums and be a half-decent music producer after all. Kanye West, who lets something dumb tumble out of his mouth anytime it is open, has one up’d himself with a plead to his audience to lighten up on Chris Brown for that whole “beating the crap out of Rihanna” thing.

In the style of Storytellers episodes, VH1 filmed [Kanye] West — known for his outspoken personality — as he played his songs in an intimate setting and shared tidbits with the audience about how they were written. His controversial comments ended up on the cutting room floor, but not for political reasons, executive producer Bill Flanagan told Reuters.

“Can’t we give Chris a break?” West said to the crowd regarding Brown’s arrest for allegedly beating his girlfriend, Rihanna “I know I make mistakes in life.”

In case you missed how badly Brown beat Rihanna, you can see the post-battle pic here. The idea that people shouldn’t criticize Brown for beating Rihanna to shreds is ridiculous. Then again West also wanted to remind the audience that OJ wasn’t such a bad guy either, except for that whole double homicide thing. Seriously, Kanye?

Source: US Magazine

Written by: Matt
Posted on: Sunday, March 1, 2009

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  1. Screen Sleuth

    Kanye needs to just perform and close his mouth, and do us all a very big favor.

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