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Alexis Grace was the third contestant to be sent home from this season of American Idol. The question of the night was should the judges have saved her from elimination this week?

Its my personal opinion that the producers just made too many changes to the format this year. Some of them I like some of them I’m not so crazy about. In either case they made way too many for one season. That however is a topic for a whole other post. The one change that they made for the 2009 season which concerns us here is the new rule which allows the judges to save one contestant who got voted off. When it was announced that Alexis Grace was going home, this was the first time the judges seriously considered using this rule. I think they should have saved her.

OK, hear me out. I know that Alexis probably wasn’t going to win the whole thing but she really deserved to stay longer than Michael Sarver. The judges are only allowed to save some one before we get to the top 5. It is unlikely that anyone who wasn’t going to make to the top 5 would win anyway. So really its a question of who deserves to stay longer. Alexis Grace was a way better singer than Michael Sarver. I like the guy. I’ve been rooting for him but lets be honest he’s going home next week (and probably should have gone home this week). Alexis had a much better chance of making it deeper into the competition than Sarver ever did.

The other reasons I would have liked her to stay have less to do with their actual singing ability. The top ten now consists of only 3 women and 7 guys. I think its a little too early to be that lop sided. The main reason I think they should have saved her was because of the Idol tour. Only the top ten contestants get to go on the tour which means Sarver gets to go and Alexis doesn’t. Like I said while I like Sarver, Alexis Grace is far more entertaining and a better singer. Of the two I would rather go see a concert with her instead of him (Sorry Mike). Well and lets be honest, Alexis is way easier on the eyes than Sarver.

That’s just my two cents. It doesn’t matter now anyway. Congratulations to Sarver for making it another week. We’ll we see what happens next week.

Written by: Walt
Posted on: Thursday, March 19, 2009

33 Responses to “Should Alexis Grace Have Been Saved?”

  1. Patti

    Yes they should have saved her after - but after that mixed bag of comments, who could be surprised. Apparently America is deaf and blind, because there were much poorer performances than that - and at least two men who should have already been sent packing. Randy said Alexis was too Bluesy and Simon said it was too sound-alike. Which is it? Randy Travis is the only one who had it right. She looked and sounded beautiful. There was a haunting quality to her voice that I had not previously heard - so I for one, was glad she dropped “the dirty”. That could get as monotonous as Simon’s tshirts.

  2. Willimam Sanders

    I thought her perfomance was simply GREAT. It was so far above at least three of the other remaining performaers that is was hard to believe she was let go . It was such a bad decision I don’t want to watch the rest of it . She hit that song PERFECTLY, Haunting , soulfull , it made me want to buy a record if she made it .

  3. Stephanie

    Yes, Alexis is right up there with Lil. Personally the girl can sing and the judges made a very stupid choice not saving her. This American Idol
    is the weakest thus far.

  4. Patti Norris

    I agree with the judges decision. She needs a little more polish to her before she is ready for America. She also needs to be a little more humble and take more criticism from people with a lot of experience. I am not sure she was taking their remarks to heart from the beginning. She has a lot of talent and may make it in the long run. She does tend to oversing her songs a bit, but she has a lot of talent. When she realizes her short game and plays to her strenghts, she will go a long way. The ones who listen to the judges and make the corrections tend to do the best. Simon’s remarks may not be well liked, but they are often right on the mark!!!! He knows what he is doing. He just has trouble being diplomatic with his comments.

  5. meggy

    I think she could have made it all the way. It makes me sad to see her go at this part of the compatition. It realy should have been Sarver to go. It is unfair.

  6. Patti Norris

    I am not sure if saving the elimated singers is a good idea at all. America has made it’s decision. It may undermine the people’s choice. It tends to give an elitist feel to the process. Just a thought.

  7. dave

    I just can’t believe they sent home one of the top talents. This must be a joke right? It remindes me of when Pickler went home early only to become a bigger start than any of the recent winners of the contest. Someone shake their heads. This is a show about entertainment. She is a lot more entertaining than most of the others.

    Time to watch something else.

  8. Emmie

    I agree that Alexis had MUCH more talent and potential than Michael …but unfortunately for Alexis …it’s just too early in the season to use the “judge’s save”. What if Adam, Gokey, Lil …or Matt had an “off night” and needed to be saved? If the judges use their save tonight …we may loose someone with more talent later on.

    While it was heartbreaking to loose Alexis so early …it’s better than loosing someone with more talent, later on.

  9. Jeremy

    I think your report that the AI is rigged and Alexis being one of the top 4 already pre-determined by the judges spooked the judges and they did not want to fan the rumour fire that they are playing favorites with Alexis.

  10. Karen Watson

    I strongly suggest that Randy and Ryan stop using the word dope to praise the contestants, this denoted to young views a good meaning to dope and I think we should not do this as adults, we are to be setting good examples for the younger views. I am sure they meant no harm but they are responsible to hold themselves to high standards.

  11. gianna


  12. Rick

    Bring her Back!!! Bring her Back!!! Bring her Back!!! Bring her Back!

    Total Package with looks, personality, talent and beauty!!! In my opinion, there was a least 3 guys that should have left before her!!!

  13. TYREEK

    People keep saying well America keeps getting it wrong, but the thing is, if the judges did not make the comments they do, there would be a completely different outcome. I know it is part of the show and all but just think if they went an episode without saying anything until they reviewed it on the results show. America would end up voting for the people that THEY thought were good without the judges opinions helping them choose who to vote for. There have been many times when i thought that a performance was great but the judges hated it and they end up getting sent home. This definitely happened with Alexis. The average person watching the show cant pick out certain critiques like professional judges can. Which is why they vote for the people that they think are good. Alexis SHOULD HAVE BEEN SAVEDDDDD!!

  14. Tony

    I think Alexis lost becasue of her attitude. She comes across as very snotty and arrogant. The competition is about singing as well as personality. Last year proved that with Cook winning over Archuleta. Archuleta had a much better singing voice but Cook was cooler and more likeable according to the audience. The way one presents themselves goes a long way. I believe Simon told her something to the effect that her performance was not as good as she thought it was.

  15. Mike

    I believe the save is a great idea. Alexis is amazing but she fell victim at the wrong time. She needed the save at the only point the judges couldnt use it. If they saved her, two people would have had to be sent home the next week, leaving your “top 9″. That would had created a big mess trying to figure out who gets to go on the summer tour.

  16. Ramz

    She had to go. I mean u hav to give it to her the girl is a power house but she overdid it at times and her attitude was just wrong. Too snotty for my liking.

  17. PAUL

    Alexis was BY FAR the LEAST snottiest person on the show. If you watch any of her interviews she is extremely gracious to all the remaining contestants. Every single time she was asked if she thought she should still be there over a different contestant, she said absolutely not. She was not snotty and she was not stuck up. RAMZ, you probably cant even come up with a reason for not liking her, because she NEVER DID ANYTHING TO SOUND SNOTTY!



  19. yujiro

    yah…alexis should stay…i really love her.. she is the great and also megan…than the cheap boys

  20. Paulie

    Megan should not have been saved. Way too early in the competition to save anybody yet.

  21. Lynzy

    I agree with the comment about the judges criticisms. They should come on the decision night not at the time of performance. And I think that she should of been saved. Personality? She appeared to be very gracious to me?

  22. Dinger

    Alexis was sacrificed, because the day prior rumors hit that it was fixed and she was already in the final 4. The producers had to select someone to go, and she was the lamb, to prove the fix was not in.

    They fixed it, because it was already fixed. She was better then half of the people.

  23. mimi

    I think they should bring Alexis Grace back and use their save now. They have already changed the rules. If they want their ratings to jump way up, this is a good way to do it—-there is a lot of us who have been so disappointed in Alexis being voted off. During the auditions I liked Lil, Scott, Megan, Danny and Matt, but all have been a great disappointment to me. They are all nice people, just not what I expected. I loved Alexis. I was not much on “Jolene”. I don’t know why anyone would try to sing a Dolly song. Alexis certainly had more class than anyone of the idols. I think Adam is going to win, he is extremely talented. I think the tour would have been much better with Alexis, than Lil or Megan.

  24. RayMan

    From the night Alexis was booted off the show, I felt they had made a big mistake. Now, comparing Lil to her and listening over and over to her Jolene recording I purchased from iTunes, I am even more certain that she is extremely talented and really deserved to have continued on Idol. If you listen to Lil sing, she really has a hard time staying in tune. She gets close to a note and then uses runs to determine exactly where it is, and she often never gets to the right note. When she sings louder and with more power, it has a tendency to hide those imperfections. Really listen to her next time and see if you don’t agree. I’m surprised that music critics with good ears for music haven’t picked up on this. Now, back to Alexis. Everyone says that she shouldn’t have chosen the song Jolene, and I agree. Her live performance was a tad shaky, but not bad at all. Dolly songs are difficult to sing…by anyone but Dolly. On the other hand, listen to the iTunes version and I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s amazingly beautiful. Again, not a song she should have chosen to sing live, but the recording is proof that she can sing it very well. I know that it’s too late to get her back on Idol or at least to make her part of the tour, but Alexis has to make an album. I just know that she will sell more records than most of the American Idol winners. American Idol made a mistake (I believe the judges comments are what sealed her fate) and it’s time she rubs it in their faces. She’s going to be great. You watch.

  25. Paula

    4-23-09 - Alexis Grace would still be in the competition if she had not been booted off. Please put her on tour. Had they not picked 13 instead of 12 she would be on tour, at least.

    Come on’ A.I. You can afford to give her a seat on the bus. Bring her on tour. She’s better than Lil, Anoop, Sarver, etc.

  26. Tom

    I think she should of not been voted off that early, I thought she would of been at in the top 5. They need to at least invite her on tour. She had a great voice, looks, and personality!!! She had my vote all the way!!!!!!!

  27. Nancy

    Yes, she should have been saved. I think she could have made it to the top 3 finalist for sure!! Idol made a big mistake using their save on Matt.

  28. Pam

    Alexis shouldn’t have been sent home! I was looking forward to seeing her perform as the show went on. She definitely had a great voice and probably would have continued to get better! I haven’t watched the show as closely since she left. I think they need her on the summer tour-they should add her! They need another girl! Saving Matt was kind of silly-I thought the save was for someone that was going home too early! Matt had made it far enough. Sure if he had gotten booted off before the top 10 maybe but it wasn’t necessary when it happened. It seems they just used it because it was there.

  29. Paula

    Does anyone know how to get an email to one of the Judges or Ryan Seacrest????? I think if we can, we should all send emails telling them to at least put her on tour. She got rooked out of the competition. Michael Sarver was awful.

  30. robin


  31. Paul Y

    Yes, Alexis Grace should have been saved. She has the credentials and is definitely better than most in the top 10. Lets hope she will step forward and go full time in her singing career, please don’t undervalue your natural talent.

  32. jen

    i think she was a good singer but…… some of the others were better that’s wy i think she must not been saved

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