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It seems that in its desperation to garner at least some ratings NBC has decided to compete with the SciFi Channel and other cable networks in the realm of b-movie quality fantasy programming. NBC’s new show Merlin will start in a few weeks. Here is how describes Merlin:

Merlin is a new drama series that updates the story of the infamous sorcerer of Arthurian legend for a new audience. The mythical city of Camelot, in a time before history began; a fantastical realm of legendary beasts and mysterious people; a dangerous world in which magic has been banned by the ruthless tyrant, Uther Pendragon.

Now don’t get me wrong I was a big fan of Hercules, Xena, etc. back in the day. I think what surprises me though is that one of the major networks is airing this program. If you told me it was going to be on SciFi, the CW, or USA I probably wouldn’t have blinked an eye. Merlin seems even a step farther into this genre than even The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

I’m actually looking forward to watching Merlin though. If it’s well written and given a sufficient budget Merlin actually could have a chance. I know my son will want to see it too. I’m trying not to get my hopes up since the last show like this I was looking forward to, The Legend of the Seeker, is a complete debacle (please cancel it and stop ruining the story, please, please please). The only thing which might be worse is if I like it, which of course is the kiss of death. If I show any interest at all, Merlin will probably be canceled after three episodes. Especially as, with the exception of Anthony Head (a.k.a., Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer), the cast is mostly young unknown actors.

Merlin premieres on Sunday June 21st at 8/7c. I’ll be watching and hoping.

Written by: Walt
Posted on: Tuesday, June 9, 2009

8 Responses to “Merlin Comes to NBC”

  1. RT Cunningham

    I’ve already seen the first 13 episodes. I was actually surprised that it turned out to be pretty good, much better than Legend of the Seeker.

  2. fanci

    Legend of the Seeker is a great show to come along in a very long time . It may not adhere to the books but that is what was expected from the get go . You are running a show in the ground before you give it a chance . The roles were very well protrayed by actors and actresses who are not just good , but extraordinary in their vision and ability . Also , this show , with a few minor exceptions , was on of few kid-friendly shows produced .The show is by far , much better entertainment than another (god forbid ) reality show ! We have enough of that crap already on the air and don’t need more. But that is just the opinion of one of the many fans of the show . The fact that Legend of the Seeker will air for another season is another . If it wasn’t good , why air it again ?

  3. Rob

    This Merlin show is absurd. I’ve read plenty of King Arthur books and watched all the Arthurian movies, but this show is the worst variation.

  4. Walt

    As for Legend of the Seeker, my problem is that I read the books. I would argue that it is probably one of the best and most insightful fantasy series I ever read. The show has taken a brilliant look into clash of cultures and dumbed it down to the point of absurdity. They have changed the plot and details (as far as I can tell for no good reason) removing some of the most interesting and important parts of the story. I’m sure if I had not read the books and been such a big fan I would have liked it and kept watching it in the same mindless fashion I used to love Xena and Hercules but because I read the books I really expected so much more. If you like the show I highly encourage you to read the books. Its a daunting task because each one is the size of a brick, but they are well worth the effort.

  5. Tina Dickerson

    We love the Merlin series. My kids and I can’t wait until Sunday to see the new episodes. It leaves you on the edge each week. PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL IT NBC!!!!!!!!

  6. Marcia

    I am sixty nine years old and I love watching Merlin on NBC, I haven’t missed one show since it started

  7. Aurora

    I am 16 and I LOVE merlin, which proves this show is great for all ages.

  8. Helen

    Already watched series on syfy and love it there where it should remain. This type of programming should be on syfyu

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