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Did you see Adam Lambert’s performance on the American Music Awards last night? I did. He ground some guy’s face into his crotch and kissed another guy, or may be it was a girl. It was tough to tell. Either way, I was unimpressed. Ooooo, Adam you’re so edgy and provocative. Ok, not really. That’s just what he wants people to say about him. The choreography of his performance was obviously designed purely for the shock factor. Which is a good thing because everyone was watching the performance instead of listening to his song. Adam Lambert is an amazing singer. He proved that on American Idol last season. So what was that crappy song he was singing last night? It was awful. I suspect, the producers of the AMAs put his performance at the end of the show because the thought people who were offended might turn the channel because it was so shocking. They were right. I would have turned the channel because the song was so shockingly bad (and Sunday Night Football was on). As Randy Jackson says, “Dude’s got some pipes.” He should have used them to show us what a talented artist he is instead of some pseudo-edgy dance routine. Lets be honest, that’s been done before. Adam Lambert did not break any new ground last night. He didn’t prove that he is a talented singer or performer. Once you get past the glitz, it was a pretty lame performance. I really expected a lot more from him last night.

Written by: Walt
Posted on: Monday, November 23, 2009

2 Responses to “Adam Lambert Finishes AMAs”

  1. Julie

    Couldn’t agree more. It was completely gratuitous and frankly a snoozefest. Once I got over my WTF? moment, I yawned and left the room.

  2. Ace

    i know xcatly how you feel!!
    i was sooooo xcited to see adam’s performance on the amas. When he finally came on, as we watched the performance my mom jumped up out of her seat and ripped the remote out of my dad’s hands!! im not lying it’s true!
    i voted for adam, about a billion times when he was on idol. i fell in love with the ‘idol adam’!! i just wish he kept his idol talents with him! We all know your gay adam! he is wasting his AMAZING talent on this crappy gay performance!!
    there are a few songs on his album that i luv! but some of his songs talk about sexual stuff! its gross! we all know that you and your boyfriend broke up, but we dont want to listen to what you guys did together!!!

    i just hope that he comes to his senses and hopefully his next album is ‘clean’.

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